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  1. Thank you so much for your reply! As for the skill bar thing, I’m thinking of placing it according to the coordinates, like, I’ve seen for backpack slots, we use coordinates. If I can manage that, I’ll try to do it like that. I will give the ui some coordinates to place it on the screen. The difference is, the skills won’t be picked up like items we put to the backpacks. (That means, the book we use as a weapon will have a feature like a backpack -will open a new ui like backpack slots- but we won’t put any items in there. And slots will be filled with skill visuals.) However, I’m not sure about using skills. Certain items have certain animations and uses. For example, a staff is used when it is equipped and freeze or ignite the enemy depending their feature. And when people mod skills, I believe they trigger the use of skill with a hotkey. So, I think, if I can manage to trigger the skill while using the ui, I think I can create such system. This is all my personal ideas that sprouted as I was researching coding techniques. If I’m wrong in any of that, I’ll gladly accept corrections and other ideas. And I guess I will communicate modders who use skills in their OC. Thank you so much for sparing time and answering me! Edit: I thought of something like this: Since I value visuals the most, I can place a skillbar ui, but it is just for display and no other uses. I can assign skills to hotkeys like everyone do, and if I can do the mana bar like “thirst” mod widget, I do it like this, and if not, I can erase mana feature and instead, I can use draining sanity, etc. for skill costs.
  2. Hello, my beloved friends! I hope everyone is safe and healthy. So, I’m thinking of creating a new character and have already started designing and drawings. I want my character to have a mana bar like health, sanity, hunger status and with an item (book) I want her to use skills with this item. But I don’t want to assign hotkeys for the skills since I like rpg games and I want her skills to be visible with a decent skillbar. Is it possible to have that kind of thing in game? Does the game allow us to code such thing? To wrap up; it will be like this: She will have a book. When she equips the book (weapon section) a skill bar will show up. We use the skills by clicking on them or hotkeys as in rpg games. (Such as “1” for the first skill). I wonder if that is possible. Thank you guys for taking your time and reading this in advance. I wish everyone well-being and have fun !