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    Do not download unless you're trying to help me, haha. There is a steam version of this currently working if you are interested. This one is not for entertainment purposes.
  2. Didn't work! But I didn't have the hat_bee_swap.scml since I used the sample in this thread which was a wand. Not that it matters, since I replaced everything and just kept the structure. But yeah, I tried renaming the scml-file and nothing happened. When I start my game the cmd says
  3. Tried using the sample file and rewriting the prefab and modmain as well as renaming the prefab and replacing the images with my own. I generated a file using the spriter but it still won't let me make a zip file. I'm running win 8, any known issues?
  4. Followed the guide, but no zip files are created. I have the same structure as the guide states, but the guide differs from your sample. My game crashes, since it can't find any zip files. What do I do?