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  1. 10 hours ago, Ashpoker said:

    Since when ? True i wasn't playing for the last 4 days (cuz i was gone) but it worked just fine forever.

    It... wasn't implemented 4 days ago though?

    43 minutes ago, chemie said:

    No need for bath time at all.  They use the facilities on the first break time anyway

    I always use bathtime (in place of work)!

    Much better early game.

  2. Yup, google.

    Reddit has a lot of traffic (it comes with being basically a collection of subforums), but the only claim it has to being the front page of the internet is its own self-entitlement.


    What's more, I have infallible proof! What's the first page of any randomly selected* book? The index!


    *from a sample consisting solely of books that contain indexes.

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  3. 45 minutes ago, nakomaru said:

    I don't think it's deeper than real life analogies here. Raw fish and cooked fish is enjoyed by many. Raw meat is enjoyed by few. Because the uncooked stat is very unimportant - you will virtually never consume either raw when you have access to a grill - it allows them to add some atmosphere. "Raw meat, yuck!"

    We need steak tartare, we have all the ingredients :p

    (Plus tartare sounds great with a little cooking.)

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