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  1. You can throttle flow with a valve (with excess feeding back in before the stacker).
  2. It depends on the build I guess. With a constant flow, sticking the above in would truncate the end and delay the start, but nothing else.
  3. If valves are unreliable for not working on Portal 3 not splitting smaller packets evenly, why not just stick a packet stacker in-line so that it only receives full packets?
  4. And food is love. What about the decreased rate of boulders?
  5. They should bring it back as a way to train learning when there is no more research.
  6. Ummm... I mean, sure. If you ignore two years of being able to play and, more importantly, shape the course of, ONI.
  7. It... wasn't implemented 4 days ago though? I always use bathtime (in place of work)! Much better early game.
  8. The trick is to "FIRST!"... First, then edit in actual content
  9. Why ladders? I would of expected doors before ladders, since they're basically walls that allow passage.
  10. Everyone neglects propane and it's accessories.
  11. Yup, google. Reddit has a lot of traffic (it comes with being basically a collection of subforums), but the only claim it has to being the front page of the internet is its own self-entitlement. What's more, I have infallible proof! What's the first page of any randomly selected* book? The index! *from a sample consisting solely of books that contain indexes.
  12. No, you didn't. Reddit isn't the centre of the universe (or even just the internet).
  13. MY ALCHEMY! I WILL... not miss you. Congrats!
  14. So the "Amalgamator" turns "Gold Amalgam" into "Gold"? O.o
  15. We need steak tartare, we have all the ingredients (Plus tartare sounds great with a little cooking.)
  16. Blasphemy! A truly good steak needs no flavourings, as they're already present. Side note: High quality beef drippings also mhmmmm.
  17. These two, more than anything, are proof that you guys read the forums
  18. It's almost like you opted in to an unstable build or something. Oh wait, you did.