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  1. Rocket Engine heat

    Personally i just make 3 rows of bunker tile "padding" below it, encase in insulated tiles and snake my meteor petrol cooling system through it. That way every time rocket launches my steam turbine turning heat from falling meteors into power gets a noticeable boost from rocket heat, while preventing it from seeping into colony. And since cooling system goes through one side of map to the other in space it's naturally close to launching site.
  2. [Game Update] - 323841

    I can see it actually being a pair of opposite traits, like Floral lover (gives boost when affected by them) and Allerigc (sneezing/stress)
  3. [Game Update] - 323841

    How exactly does it release said pwater? Does it drip it beneath station? Pipes? Bottles?
  4. [Game Update] - 322934

    They could easily get through steel doors by slipping away with passing dupes. I.e. when vole was standing near door and rushing out when rancher was leaving the room, same as hatches and other creatures. Or even worse, if the door would close before they leave door frame they'll get stuck there as if they are dug inside (cracks on backdrop) and the only way to fix that was to leave door open and wait for it to try to dig somewhere.
  5. I have a Shove Vole stable with an autominer, when a shove vole creates a regolith block and it entombs something, autominer clears the block and everything works fine. Except for feeders. If a feeder has been entombed, vole will ignore it even if it is full of regolith and been cleared by autominer, leading to starvation. Going to feeder settings, disallowing regolith, dropping it on the floor, and then allowing again for sweeper to put it back in fixes the problem with voles eating from it again.
  6. [Game Update] - 322934

    Critters will no longer pass through doors set to "auto", even if a duplicant has opened it. They will pass through doors set to "open" though Does that mean what i think and tamed ranching of shove voles inside your base no longer feels like S.C.P. spinoff game with water moats and arcane exit airlock designs for easier recontainment?
  7. Yeah that's what my own experience's been too. You either treat it as grave danger and don't dig up slime/don't open contaminated gas pockets, or you pretend it does not even exist, i don't even do doctor stuff since you need balm lily flowers and when you first get into slime biome you don't have reliable source of it yet. I tried my old tactic with putting deodaorizers everywhere and it doesn't do anything. In the past it would make slimelung slowly die out as your immune system supresses any germs they might've contacted , now it doesn't really matter, my dupe was going through clear o2 pocket with like 200-300 germs that were dying out and got instantly slimelung'd to med bay. And if it doesn't matter whether it's 100 germs or 10k germs might as well not bother putting deodorizers there, just make sure there is no polluted o2 in base. For an update that was supposed to make diseases more engaging it is sure making me apathetic to them.