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  1. I have 800 hours in don't starve but I don't know much about DST, would prefer to play with someone I can learn from that also has a good amount of time to play. I stopped playing after Klei added Dragon Fly just because I'm more into solo play. But I'd really like to unlock skins and also experience all the new content in DST. I'm fine playing with up to four people, it's my favorite number (lol) and I don't want chat to get too overwhelming. So if you have friends, they are welcome. Please have a decent mic and Discord! I'd prefer people around my age, no younger than 18 please, I'm 24. I work night shift but this week I'm working mornings. I'm off today so I'll be on till about 11PM. My time zone is EST, Florida. If you play with me you're required to use geometric placement and shovel up tree stumps. Sorry, I just can't stand seeing those around, and I can't stand berry bushes placed all weird etc. I'm willing to remove some mods or retweak if you feel like some options aren't necessary. But I don't want to add anything else, I will consider it though. I don't like using anything too game changing. Tweaks: No Disease... Caves Enabled (Obviously) Mods: Restart (Used for when they add the new characters and we want to try them out, we can switch to someone else, no abusing it though.) Status Announcements, Global Positions, Wormhole Marks, No thermal Durability, Ice Fling Range Check, Food Values, Geometric Placements, DST Where's My Beefalo, Waypoint, Combined Status, Smarter Crock pot If you want to message me elsewhere Discord is: Ruby#9226 Steam: I also play Dead By Daylight a lot as well, if you play both, it'll be a bonus for me. I'm always looking for friends on both games.
  2. It crashes to desktop, I attempted to place road at that spot 3 times, each time was a crash. I could place road the next tile over and it was fine.
  3. Game crashes when placing Cobblestone Turf under Alchemy Engine as Wormwood one tile away from the Slanty Shanty.
  4. I'm just a long time Don't Starve fan, I wanted to praise Klei on how amazing this character is. I have over a thousand hours in Don't Starve and something this fresh feels so great. If you watch Glermz past broadcast or a few of his new youtube videos, you can hear his excitement over the new character as he discovers things, he acts like a kid in a candy store, and I feel the exact same way. This is what a lot of players where looking for, very unique because it changes the way you need to manage in the game and it's not your "easy and simple character". I'll be enjoying the new release with Wormwood for a long time. Thank ya'll so much, you did an amazing job.
  5. Ice Flingomatic Range Check

    Does anyone know how to update this for Hamlet? I tried adding hamlet_compatible = true to modinfo.lua and it's still not working for hamlet. I would appreciate someone giving me advice if possible.