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  1. There is no issue here.

    The game engine has a maximum of 60 fps for rendering, and there is going to be deviation between your OS' scheduler context switching timings.

    Which is to say you will always experience this jitter in framerate, even with full vsync.

    Most games just apply a low pass filter on the framerate counter so you don't see this jitter.

  2. The issue with copy pasting code bits like that from websites is that a lot of websites use formatting all over the place.

    In your case I suspect you've copied a control character or some fancy unicode without realizing it or it showing up in your selection.

    Unrenderables in the game render as question marks instead.

  3. 2 hours ago, PeterA said:

    Backpacks aren't able to go into the chest or into your normal inventory. That's why the player drops it.

    From what I'm reading the poster is saying that the selected item being auto-moved is going to the backpack instead of the chest when the desired outcome is for the item to go into the chest directly.

    It's implied that the user is using a controller, as this doesn't happen with a mouse.


    Language barriers and translations like this are pretty evil.

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  4. From data/scripts/map/terrain.lua:

    -- These items will not spawn on a terrain tile of the types in the list provided

    All mushrooms can't spawn on marsh turf due to this.

    The GROUND.MARSH fields should be removed from these three prefabs.

    One of the Rooms uses green mushrooms for the marsh gen, so greens won't spawn either.

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  5. Slight optimization is to pull the +1 out of the loop and shove it onto the 'size' via: local size = #tab + 1

    Not sure how LUA script compiles in the JIT portion or if it does any optimization at all, so this may or may not be beneficial.

    Personally I fall in the camp of 'trust nothing a compiler does' due to how many nuances each tend to have.

  6. On 3/23/2017 at 7:00 PM, ScottHansen said:

    Being at the edge of the world to avoid spikes is a known issue too. Its kind of complicated to explain but will probably just remain this way.

    What would the consequences be by resizing the world collision box borders that are generated on world spawn to stop all entities from having an origin over the water/void?

    Having this done would fix quite a few exploits in one sweep.

  7. 17 minutes ago, EsaiXD said:

    come on all bugs have to die right whether they are okay or not to have make up ya mind

    then you could just not report it...

    I never stated that this was a bug, but it would be classified as such if the devs did not intend for it to happen.

    Hence why there's this report here to bring it to their attention asking for clarification.

    If it gets patched out, then it was a bug.  Otherwise it wasn't a bug and this would be a closed bug report thread.

    I've added my personal opinion on the matter to hopefully stir some internal discussion there at Klei to help with the classification.

    As for not reporting bugs I won't stop that- bugs are bugs and should be fixed; my mind is set on this.

    17 minutes ago, EsaiXD said:

    reason why it is sewable is cause it falls under the criteria of sewable objects  1 having durability and 2 not being an armor light or usuable hence why it can be sewn.

    Yes, I'm familiar as to why it happens and that's where there's the line of code in the report on how they'd fix it if it were deemed a bug.

    17 minutes ago, EsaiXD said:

    if we are going by anything stones should not break since thats how they were initially

    Which was changed for some reason in DST, for better or for worse.

    A mod if you don't like the changes made:

  8. 3 hours ago, Mudley said:

    Now to wait for them to say if this was intentional or not.

    Judging from the code I would say the intent wasn't to have it do this but was an accidental forgot-to-copy-this-line scenario.

    However, from a balance perspective I'd say being able to magically sew heatrocks back together isn't so overpowered.

    The thermal stones are cheap to make, and they're expected to lose durability if you reuse the same stone for all seasons during temperature switches.


    I'd be leaning to the camp of this being okay to have, but would like an official word weigh in on the matter as it might not be entirely intended to function as such.

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  9. This is related to the regrowthmanager component not taking into consideration self-planted flowers.

    It will continuously add more flowers to the regrowth phase the more you plant.


    A temporary thing you can do in your world to clear these up is to catch the flowers on fire, as the regrowth event is only fired when they're picked.

    (This should also be a bug, the catching them on fire makes them not regrow.)