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  1. Too many closed doors.

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    2. minespatch


      What's the context behind this status?

    3. CarlZalph


      Doors.  They let one in or keep one out.  Alas, the last door mentioned closed shut after teasing its contents.

    4. CarlZalph


      No, I'm not locked in an enclosed area or suffering from a mental breakdown or what have you.  Couple of people asked me directly on other mediums if I was alright with those specific worries.

      Right place in heart so thanks to those individuals, but allow me to allay future fears.

      The doors are just metaphors for opportunities.  Opportunities when they reveal themselves will either let someone to go into them or shut them out, much like how doors work.

      In my case here there seems to be so many opportunities that I merely cannot access yet, and this was a venting of some frustration of it.  Then my hopes got raised when another similar opportunity came along but alas!  Fidgety little bugger eludes me once more.  This is fine.  More will come along in the future, and I won't let the missed deter me from getting more.