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  1. image.png.6bc8c37fe008f3a3c92041be73feeaa7.png



    Just posting for the gaggles and jiggles.  And a recorded timestamp for the inevitable to come.

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    2. Mobbstar


      Are you sending skin requests to achieve these things? I don't think a "The World" skin request would work at all. Whatever you do, it's amazing.

    3. Starlogy


      is that a JOJO reference?

    4. minespatch
  2. People in the ONI subforum gettin' a bit too rowdy, eh?

  3. Sometimes I wonder if Klei made Wormwood not take health damage so that way PeterA can eat all of the red caps he wants to on streams.

  4. Win10's scrollbars.  0xCDCDCDFF on 0xF0F0F0FF.  Minimum 17 height x 15 width pixels.

    Here it is with different colours next to it.


    I hate these things.

    1. Maximum101


      I guess the color/style could change, but what's so bad about the scrollbars?

    2. Mobbstar


      I like the simple design more than he clunky looking WXP ones, but an option to improve contrast would be nice.

    3. minespatch


      What happened?

  5. It makes me wonder if anyone says 'Warbucks' anywhere on here and JoeW'll be there to keep the peace.

    1. CarlZalph


      24h later and the entire subforum is just a swarm of joke threads and vitriol.

      Sorry, JoeW/mods.

    2. minespatch


      Well... Hopefully it calmed down by now.:wilson_dorky:

  6. Merry Christmas, Joe.

  7. I've decided it.  I'm going to learn Go as a programming language.

    Installed and things are functional.  Play time.

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    2. Mobbstar


      So... "panic" is just what other programming languages call "throwing an error"? Or does it automatically look for the next Catch in the traceback and skip functions without any?

    3. CarlZalph


      They're similar but the cause is different.  You are right in that it will skip all code until it hits a recover if one exists.

      In other languages you'd put the 'unsafe' code in a block and catch errors.  In go you're meant to handle each error explicitly for each function that can have an error, like in C.

      In go you can recover from a panic anywhere so long as you have a function that tries to recover somewhere in the stack.  This allows recursive functions to throw out a panic and to be caught from the start as it unwinds the stack back to the caller.

    4. CarlZalph


      Wrote a UDP Proxy for use with Man-in-the-Middle attacking myself.  Already had one written in C, but that's not quite the point of me learning a language!


      • In C you're probably working with BSD-like sockets directly as I was.  In short, it's a lot of setup work to be done to make it work.
        • In go it's cut down a lot of this by having a 'socket' be a 'connection' that you either 'listen' from or 'dial' to.  You then read/write to these connections with all of the underlying socket layer abstracted away.  This is an upside of go.
      • In C buffers are usually malloc'd to remove them from the stack and onto the heap.  Or if your program is performing under memory constraints, then a memory pool is utilized.
        • In go there's no real preallocation- memory management for the programmer is nonexistent.  If go can't allocate the required memory behind the scenes, then the program must terminate and there's no going back.  This is a downside of go.


      • In C sockets should be placed on their own thread because network read/writes are blocking.  Probably with pthread under *nix-like environments.
        • Go routines.  Threading with low effort and high code readability.  Go does it better since it has innate threading.
      • Performance is about the same after profiling each.  It's a simple task really.
      • Signal handling is *nix-like, and has about the same amount of 'boiler plate' code required to make them function.

      All-in-all I'm quite happy with how much less code was required to write it, but that's more running along the lines of the language itself having such abilities prebaked, and C needing libraries.  Really like the performance being very similar.  Dislike the memory explosion possibility in go where there is no upper bound limits being able to be set before hand- this sort of kills go for anything with high memory constraints.

  8. Never realized that the smoke from the Shipwrecked volcano was another overlay until I started messing with the other similar overlays introduced in Hamlet.

    It's been a long time since SW came out and yet neither I saw it nor anyone said anything about it.

    1. Mobbstar


      What overlay? You mean the black fx above the zoomed-out volcano?

    2. minespatch


      Can you explain?

  9. Too many closed doors.

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    2. minespatch


      What's the context behind this status?

    3. CarlZalph


      Doors.  They let one in or keep one out.  Alas, the last door mentioned closed shut after teasing its contents.

    4. CarlZalph


      No, I'm not locked in an enclosed area or suffering from a mental breakdown or what have you.  Couple of people asked me directly on other mediums if I was alright with those specific worries.

      Right place in heart so thanks to those individuals, but allow me to allay future fears.

      The doors are just metaphors for opportunities.  Opportunities when they reveal themselves will either let someone to go into them or shut them out, much like how doors work.

      In my case here there seems to be so many opportunities that I merely cannot access yet, and this was a venting of some frustration of it.  Then my hopes got raised when another similar opportunity came along but alas!  Fidgety little bugger eludes me once more.  This is fine.  More will come along in the future, and I won't let the missed deter me from getting more.

  10. It's ImDaSisterL, yeah?

    1. ImDaMisterL


      You almost had it

    2. CarlZalph


      Etched in stone it is!

  11. For those using my file structure for dynamic keybinds, the game update from today put a restriction on a filepath directory.

    Move the 'DST_Scripts' folder into the DoNotStarveTogether folder and edit the root customcommands.lua file to use "../DST_Scripts/" as the path, instead of "../../DST_Scripts/".


    I would put this in the thread that has it, but it's so old that it's archived.

    Putting it here so perhaps maybe someone somewhere will see this and find it useful if it's applicable to them.

    1. Mobbstar


      ask joew or a moderator like MrL to unlock

    2. ImDaMisterL


      Ask JoeW if you want, mods still don't have the ability to unarchive topics :(

  12. Not sure why I feel a desire to help people when they don't ask for it.

    So much time spent on others when I could have merely done it for my own benefit.

    What a waste.

    1. CarlZalph


      Note that this isn't an attempt at being passive aggressive, just a venting.

      Please forgive my statements here if you take offense to anything or if I seem very negative.  Just tired of many things.

  13. Hope all is well.

    You were a large driving force to get me to spew code out in the Mods and Tools subforum before you could do the same.


    1. DarkXero


      All is well.

      Thank you for your kind words.

  14. 33wQETd.png

    Party noises, I suppose, are appropriate for this event.