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  1. Klei hates fish!!!

    I'd like to think of it as the merms having the pet fish in their inventories still alive rather than the fish being the merm itself. Wurt seems to like having one in her inventory and all.
  2. Klei hates fish!!!

    In the code they don't technically even live. They just play the kicking animation and a timer makes it play the dead animation, and no death event is fired. I made this a bug report a bit back, but nothing came of it; fish have no souls.
  3. Where to find prefab files?

    Correct, but every prefab must be defined. It also may not be so clear using a find where it was defined at, either. For example, take a look at the chesspieces.lua: local prefabname = materialid and ("chesspiece_"..PIECES[pieceid].name.."_"..MATERIALS[materialid].name) or ("chesspiece_"..PIECES[pieceid].name) return Prefab(prefabname, fn, assets, prefabs) So you may need to delve a bit and think of synonyms to finding the thing you're looking for, and if all else fails then perhaps using the in-game console to inspect whatever you're after.
  4. Missing Items/Skins

    Oh, ho? That would seem doubly bad, then! I don't think it's a thing on Valve's end. Would it be the interaction between Klei's item management <-> Valve's inducing this cap?
  5. Missing Items/Skins

    Known issue with how the game handles stuff in the backend. Current workaround is to either trade-inn your dupes to get your item count down, or trade your items to an alt account for storage. The items should still all be viewable in the Steam inventory interface, it's just an upper limit cap somewhere between Klei and Steam for inventories that they haven't resolved yet.
  6. While the two may resemble each other, the two have a rather large underlying infrastructural change. Spriter is a simple symbol and bone-based interpolation animation system, whereas flash has a lot more under the hood. To convert one to another and back again would be a rather big mess to do, for little value; flash has been deprecated and will no longer be supported in 2020 as-is.
  7. Anyone know the source of this ?
  8. Need help for my mod.

    Either this is a new structure, in which case you leave out the workable component, or it's modifying an existing structure in which case you'd: if inst.components.workable then inst:RemoveComponent("workable") end In the master post init.
  9. Too bad, indeed. Even though unsolicited visits from fans can be annoying to game studios, there's always the potential to have a good show. My advice if you do plan on ever going there is to let someone know of it there, so it's not some stranger showing up at their office acting like they know everyone.
  10. I'd go with the shark as it has the nice grays going on. The others are too flashy for my eyes.
  11. I did this before using simulations: Biggest take is the weekly average amount of spools one can expect to get if they unravel everything being ~486 spools.
  12. Hey there. First post was back on Sept 13, 2016 by me: Klei's been pretty chill about the asset stuff. The gray backgrounds started with the skin thread showcasing all skins in the game. People conformed to it because keeping things consistent makes viewing large libraries of images more manageable. I had posited an idea to let people have their assets dyn'd up after their input was fuzzed to make the output randomized, though the Klei dev I talked to didn't think having it was a good idea so I left it as just an idea. Having assets `locked` behind something like dyn just makes it slightly harder for people to get at the raw assets to those who are more inclined to break into things. Ultimately, there's nothing you can do to protect assets in games. It will, at some point, have to be rendered/played/etc which can be exported/recorded/etc in pristine quality. I sort of feel bad that so much time was used in this endeavour. What took me such a small time span to pump out a program took you folks so much more. Alas, it can't be helped. My hands were, and still are, tied by promises.
  13. This makes me wonder if fences would keep the thrown items bounded away from those thieves. I'll have to try it tonight, or someone else on the forums may before I get back tonight.
  14. Wurt's diet guide

    With a Woodie getting the stonefruit from lunar island within first few days, this is all that is needed to fill all of the Wurts on the server. Grows in winter, spews out rocks and eatables, and can hire merms to chop it up fast.
  15. The minigame is addictive and I'm stopping myself from playing more, lest I blow all of the rest of my free time today on it.
  16. Steam beta has a new feature that lets you play with other people as if they were also there, using the same input systems as you.  Shared keyboard/mouse/controller.

    More info at:


    Downside is that it only works for games that are flagged for local coop and have had the a-okay from the publisher to let it be done.

    Well, that's the alleged restriction.



    Steam games need some magic applied to function, but non-Steam games are very easy to do.

    1. Mobbstar


      But we know, most of you came here for one thing. I think it's to see where we're porting Skyrim next!

  17. As far as I know anything that uses the print function will print to the logs by default. Hook prefab spawns by a prefab post init, and check for death by listening for the ondeath event fired from your prefab post init.
  18. Not getting daily drops on Sundays

    Not sure if it's the same as it is for PC, but on PC the daily timer resets at 5:40PM EST.
  19. You'll need a netvar if you want S->C data transfer to happen, then it'd be up to the client to listen for when the variable is dirty to refresh the widget you're using.
  20. It really depends on what you're doing. No one size fits all, as they say. Adding interactions between client and server stuff? RPCs + Netvars. Doing simple things like editing components? Probably just a server check is all that's needed. More cases, etc.
  21. Your other computer is on your LAN if it's using the same router as you are. It should show up in that list for you to join instead of trying to join through the online game list.
  22. Bunnymen farms spew out carrots, and with Wormwood's farming there are vegetables all over. Butterflies in the early game are, in the code, a vegetable as far as I recall. But yeah, come Winter all Wurts will be ice-crunchers or something.
  23. -- Given function somefunc(a, b, c) print(a,b,c) return b end -- Test1 print("_Test 1_") print(somefunc("test", "ing", 1, 2, 3)) -- Do local oldfunc = somefunc somefunc = function(arg1, arg2, ...) arg1 = "prehook changes arguments!" local retval = {oldfunc(arg1, arg2, ...)} retval = {"posthook changes return values!"} return table.unpack(retval) end -- Test2 print("_Test 2_") print(somefunc("test", "ing", 1, 2, 3)) For DST, table.unpack may just be unpack. Output: _Test 1_ test ing 1 ing _Test 2_ prehook changes arguments! ing 1 posthook changes return values!
  24. I'll go with the the first one. There's a very useful "feature" under Windows that if you hold the <action key> for picking up items you can click off the window and do some browsing- the game does not pick up the <action key up> event in this case and your character continues to pick up things in the background. This does not work under OS X, and as far as I know never has.