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  1. Oh my god, thank you for letting me know! You did a truly one great job! I'll check your blue chester mod on workshop. Thank you so much!
  2. This is my custom-reskined Chester, Minimoose. And right one is his DOOMSDAY device controller as chester_eyebone. I put chester.lua and chester_eyebone.lua in my mod character's prefabs and added this global string into modmain.lua: and I added my customed anims: chester / chester_build / chester_shadow_build / chester_snow_build / chester_eyebone / chester_eyebone_build / chester_eyebone_shadow_build / chester_eyebone_snow_build. also added images/inventoryimages/chester_eyebone.tex and xml. and put chester_eyebone in my character's start item. This progress reskined the Chester into the Minimoose. He looks good but have a problem. When I started the game he's fine. He comes to me from somewhere. But when I exit the game and restart it he suddenly runs away from me. If chase him, he stops where the 'another' controller(eyebone) on the ground. I think the game doesn't recognize that my character already has a controller(eyebone) in his inventory so it makes new one when the world generates. I also thought maybe the way to solve the problem is make Minimoose into a new companion. Not just reskin the chester. Make game recognize Minimoose as a new companion. And maybe this way is better for multiplaying with my mod. So I renamed chester.lua / chester_eyebone.lua as minimoose.lua / minimoose_ctrl.lua. And same as the /anim and /inventoryimages files. And added new map_icons/minimoose.tex and xml for his minimap icon. And I didn't want shadow/snow morph function for him so decided to delete that part from lua. These are the edited lua: Part of modmain.lua prefabs/minimoose.lua prefabs/minimoose_ctrl.lua prefabs/brains/minimoosebrain.lua prefabs/stategraphs/SGminimoose.lua And I put minimoose_ctrl in his start inventory instead of chester_eyebone. But I got this error when I starts the new world: Can you help me with solve this problem? I think there are many error/missed parts in edited lua... Maybe this is too big project to a beginner, but I want do my best to make the mod better. I would really appreciate if you could help me. Thank you for reading this far!
  3. @Kzisor, Thank you! It works just perfectly! I haven't tested it with multiplayers yet but it's good on my online server! XD I'm also making same one for single Don't starve mod. Do you think these codes are works on it? Oh, and if you don't mind, can I credit you when I update the mod on workshop for the coding?
  4. local KeyHandler = Class(function(self, inst) self.inst = inst self.handler = TheInput:AddKeyHandler(function(key, down) self:OnRawKey(key, down) end )end)function KeyHandler:OnRawKey(key, down) local player = ThePlayer if (key and not down) and not IsPaused() then player:PushEvent("keypressed", {inst = self.inst, player = player, key = key}) elseif key and down and not IsPaused() then player:PushEvent("keydown", {inst = self.inst, player = player, key = key}) endendreturn KeyHandler modmain.lua local SETDOG = GLOBAL.Action()SETDOG.str = "SetDog" = "SETDOG"SETDOG.fn = function(act) local silent = true if ("normal" or"mighty") then local damage_mult = 0.9 local health_max = 150 local hunger_rate = 1.7 local scale = 0.9 local speed = 1.1"gir_dog")"dog",scale,scale)*TUNING.WILSON_HUNGER_RATE) = damage_mult = (TUNING.WILSON_WALK_SPEED * speed) = (TUNING.WILSON_RUN_SPEED * speed) = 0 local health_percent =, true) elseif < (85) then"mighty" elseif > (85) then"normal" end -- -- return trueend AddAction(SETDOG) characterprefab.lua local function OnKeyPressed(inst, data) if data.inst == ThePlayer then if data.key == KEY_T then print("KEY_T has been pressed.") if TheWorld.ismastersim then BufferedAction(inst, inst, ACTIONS.SETDOG):Do() -- Since we are the server, do the action on the server. else SendRPCToServer(RPC.DoWidgetButtonAction, ACTIONS.SETDOG.code, inst, ACTIONS.SETDOG.mod_name) end end endendlocal function common_postinit(inst) inst:AddComponent("keyhandler") inst:ListenForEvent("keypressed", OnKeyPressed)end @Kzisor, Thank you so much! I added your codes and set the key Z. And edited modmain.lua like this. It kind of work. When I press Z and while his sanity is more than 85. he turn into "zim_disguised" anim. But he can't come back to "zim" anim unless I exit the game. Can I change the "if he has more or less sanity than 85 then" like- if his current AnimState is "zim", press Z makes it "zim_disguised" and if his current AnimState is "zim_disguised", Z makes it "zim" so I can switch him whenever I want, no matter of his sanity?
  5. @Kzisor Thank you! I read the post you said, It was very good example to me. But would you help me little more if you're okay? I'm very new at moding Don't starve. The Gir mod has kind of power function with transform and It seems to very delicate to me. I tried but really can't what lines should I take for just transform by a key. I made components folder and create keyhandler.lua that you posted but can't go to the next step. And sorry for my bad English. I hope you can understand what I'm meaning ;~;
  6. I want to make my DST mod character can transform if you press Z key. (anim/ -> anim/ And turn back if you press Z key again. I've found this forum - Creating a character that can transform? by ZackOcs and It's helping me a lot, but how do you can set the trigger to press Z key? I can't find out for DST code ;~; Can you please help me?
  7. I want give custom sounds to my custom chester (with my mod character) in DST. I've searched and learned but there are no information of how to custom chester's sounds... I got its sounds file by using Aezay FSB extractor but I have no idea to how to rebuild it with my new sound files. I made this fsb and fev files on FMOD designer- and edited one line on my mod character/scripts/prefabs/chester.lua. Asset("SOUND", "sound/chester.fsb"), (there was no SOUNDPACKAGE asset line for fev on chester.lua) But in game, the chester doesn't play my fsb file made of my custom sounds... It works when I changed the chester.fsb file to original one. Could you advice me is this a correct way to do it?
  8. Actually I designed them for co-op but, I'll consider it!
  9. Oh, I'm sorry. Try them on steam workshop! Dib http://steamcommunit...s/?id=386484388 Zim http://steamcommunit...s/?id=386491550
  10. Try them on steam workshop! Dib Zim
  11. It's okay! I love that mod too! You are absolutely no need to feel sorry about it. But in case you didn't know: The 'original' Invader Zim is belongs to Jhonen Vasquez. And this mod is based on Dleowolf's Extended Sample Character.
  12. you're right! it's just for make sure he doesn't lose health from rain. XD
  13. Version 1.0.1


    Irken Invader Zim from Invader Zim. Health 150 Hunger 200 Sanity 120 Damage Multiplier 1.25x *A trained Irken soldier : He does 25% more damage than other characters. *Covered in paste : He doesn't get hurt from rain. Starts with 3 taffies. Mod creator: Nez [] Special thanks to Cassie(Hideousblob) who wrote the speech lines for him! And my Yuzin(Kiwii_kr) to made it all happen. Good mods to use with: [NEZ] Dib Gesture Wheel I'd love to get feedbacks on comments or asks on tumblr