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  1. wut. you don't even have to use your active email to quickly make a social media account, follow them and forget about it.
  2. facebook and instagram are indeed broken, no check again button
  3. I sent a performance report, just gonna add this here. When I'm near a lot of tall grass, my FPS goes down to ~40. Otherwise, 60 most of the time but there are random drops also and lag when saving. Probably not as bad as some people are having. My PC i5 6500 @ 3.20GHz, 32GB RAM, GTX 1080. My friend says he gets 60 FPS the whole time with a slightly worse PC.
  4. Attacked a Pog who was attempting to ransack my chest, and the game crashed. I used a halberd, not sure if it would happen with other weapons. I'd attacked one which was taking stuff from my chest earlier before, but I used an axe, I believe, and didn't crash. Crash screen attached
  5. same thing happened to me. killer bees keep trying to kill crabs that are hiding under the sand