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  1. I fixed it! Somehow this mod that I know 100% I didn't install was installed but I finally fixed it
  2. I don't think he knows what any of that is... He is 6 years old, but I'll go have a check at my log.txt.
  3. The problem happened after my little brother visited me, he got mad and pressed the power button on the box of the machine. After that, it didn't work. Do you know why?
  4. I deleted every mod I had and it still just kept crashing. I know my computer can run it because I can run Don't Starve fine, my friends computer is really old and he can run it as well as having at least 20-30 mods installed. I verified and I tried everything the internet and other people told me to do. Any Ideas?
  5. The mods I remember are: Minimap HUD, display food values, Extended indicators WIP, More DST Characters, I think Gesture Wheel, Detailed tool tips, Jane Doe the Soldier (Together), Mr Mundy, the sniper. That's all I know right now. I'll ask my friend and he will tell me which ones we got if I left out any. Jane Doe the Soldier (Together)H+ Jane Doe the Soldier (Together) Jane Doe the Soldier (Together)Jane Doe the Soldier (Together)
  6. Thanks for helping, but I tried all that, the game was fully installed when I verified. I deleted all the mods, still didn't work. I went to steam community pages. Didn't help.
  7. Hello, I recently bought Don't Starve for the price of $10.39 I think. It was $10 and something. I bought it for me and a friend. The first day I played it for around 3 hours, the second day I played 30 minutes. I went off it to get addons, came on, it was fine. My little brother shut down the computer. I turned it on and it kept crashing every time I tried launching it. I tried again and again, restarting it. It didn't work. I looked online, I found a couple links including the steam one. Didn't work. If this is unfixable I demand a refund as I want my money back. It is not fair that I pay for a game and not be able to play it for a month. I will discuss with my friend if he still wants it. If he only wants to play with me, I demand, $20 and something. If he wants it still I demand $10 and something! This is the steam link I used: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6127-WIOD-4978