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  1. Winona confirmed perks

    This really reminds me of the reception of the Shipwrecked Characters, mainly Walani. Huh, kinda sad. No doubt Klei's gonna add some more spice sooner or later when she arrives on pc, I imagine. Idk I'm still looking forward to her though! But at what point would people prefer the sw characters (or with) over Winona
  2. CheeseNuggets' Cheesy Fan Art Thread

    Here's a quick Winona piece! Excited for this week for sure
  3. CheeseNuggets' Cheesy Fan Art Thread

    That sounded big... Movie Poster?
  4. CheeseNuggets' Cheesy Fan Art Thread

    Long time no see? I'm dead? Probably Here's something? idk where this was going, probably scrapped for a reason. It's something! See you next time!
  5. Need help with speed stat

    Agreed, if you're gonna use my mod's code, specifically something special and unique like the ramping speed which was an effort to get going, and not change anything about the function then please give my mod or whoever's mod you may also use some credit somewhere. Learning and studying good code is a great way to develop your coding skills, I'd personally say try and tune it into something different and unique to your mod because copy and pasting and changing like "tf2scout" to "urcharacter" doesn't teach you much, it'll also make ur character appeal to more the more unique they are! I've seen quite a bit of code and art from my mods taken without credit or asking, so if I can butt in and get a chance to have credit given for once I'm gonna try it, ty and not everyone will be honored to have their code pasted w/o unique changes it's more of an "oh, ok" or flattered moment but still always try to give credit if you're just starting out ty, just my thoughts <3
  6. CheeseNuggets' Cheesy Fan Art Thread

    Wham Bam, Powerful Ma'am!
  7. CheeseNuggets' Cheesy Fan Art Thread

    Meet The Scout Since Steam Community has totally stable servers and Scout won't show up for like 2 hours, time for a promo ~ Ramps up more speed as he runs Speed increases from a 5% bonus to 35% over 20 seconds of running. Speed decreases twice as fast when standing still. ~ Is able to jump around via right click - Road and Path speed bonuses are 10% less effective - Slowing turf (Webbing) are 10% more effective ~ Has his own Hat, Duffle Bag, and selection of Bats ~ Brings his own drinks - Talkative ~ Many Configurable stats Was a fun project to work on!
  8. CheeseNuggets' Cheesy Fan Art Thread

    Forgot to post this, Back Yard Burnin'
  9. Rumor has it there once was one that brought us the concept art we see nowadays, whether or not we will ever see it come into fruition again is another story. I'd love an art book, that and 'Warly's Crock pot Cookbook' from the previous aforementioned art book thread is something super cute I'd love to see too!
  10. CheeseNuggets' Cheesy Fan Art Thread

    Misc Palette Stuffs
  11. CheeseNuggets' Cheesy Fan Art Thread

    Big project, "Charlie's Puppets" a pseudo mug-shot-esque line-up Charlie's taken of her subjects. A profile study on everyone's in-game sprites, silhouettes, and complicated hair. I love how unique each character is, especially in terms of design! you can just tell their personalities from there.
  12. Yup, it'ls you alright! *cheesberead*******

    1. CheeseNuggets101
    2. Master Jand

      Master Jand

      Shiprekt together is the goal

  13. CheeseNuggets' Cheesy Fan Art Thread

    Cooking doodle apropos of nothing.
  14. CheeseNuggets' Cheesy Fan Art Thread

    No proper ocean in RoG worlds, Walani's gotta improvise without one.