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  1. It's not just RoG but I also notice that client can't see pig's speech like "you is good", "kill tree". Only host can see it
  2. 11078742_1727261744167166_541067877_o.zip
  3. Bug: Glommer's flower does not spoil after 6 days (as I read in wiki) when Glommer is killed. Waiting for another full moon does not respawn Glommer if this happens either. I tried spawn Glommer by console but obviously it doesn't link to the previous flower. Deleting flower after that still won't make new flower respawn at the statue. Deleting the statue and spawn a new one works though.
  4. Bug: Crash when Ice Flingomatic attempts to put out continuous fire in mid-summer Reproduce: Plant a grass field farm with the edge a bit outside Flingomatic range. A while after trying to put out fire, game crash. Here is the error report: