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  1. Doesn't rain cool you down? So you could maybe use it against overheating in dry season. Also rains make your crops grow faster. But it's already raining almost half of the year. The Horned Helmet also gives you poison protection from snakes and spider warriors like the Seashell Suit. For the others, sorry, I honestly don't know.
  2. The Shark Tooth Crown is a dapper item and restores your sanity similar to a Top Hat. The Horned Helmet works similar to the Football Helmet. The Sea Sack works similar to the Insulated Pack / Chef Pouch. The Dripple Pipes make it rain (because if there is one thing that's missing from Shipwrecked it's rain and more wetness). I don't know yet if the Cactus Armor hurts your attackers, that would be cool. You know, he drops the Booty Bag... which is like a Backpack... but looks cool... maybe.
  3. Taking a sail or lantern etc. from a boat's equippable slots and holding it with your cursor, you can't drop the item. It's stuck to your cursor until you put it briefly into your regular inventory. This happens both when accessing the slots directly while standing on the boat and when accessing the boat's inventory through the Inspect option.
  4. When breaking a Spyglass or Super Spyglass because it's running out of durability, the game doesn't play the proper "breaking tool" animation. There is also a LUA error in the console that might be related.
  5. Sometimes, when cutting grass or twigs or chopping down a tree while there is wind, the grass tuft / sapling / tree doesn't properly turn to its harvested state. It can then be examined and acts just like a cut / chopped entity while being stuck on an animation frame. Maybe this is related to an error while going from the "windy" animation to the cut / chopped one?
  6. This is so terribly annoying. It's seems to be related to the addition of the new night sailing music. Please fix this! I can't play having to log out and in again after almost every night.
  7. Can confirm. This also happens in the Trade Inn Beta branch.
  8. Can confirm. This happens for me after opting into the Trade Inn Beta branch.
  9. Opting in the Trade Inn Beta branch and resuming an old world, Glommer does not make any sounds anymore.
  10. This is hilarious. Please keep this in the game
  11. Instead of decreasing your walking speed, wearing a Marble Suit actually increases your speed.
  12. The same applies to the BootyBag.
  13. This thread suddenly got quite longer because of all the posts by people that joined the forums just to express their disappointment. I've have been reading here for almost a year now and the announcement of Shipwrecked made me check daily for new information. I was really getting into the hype. So it's actually quite sad to finally speak up because of something so frustrating.
  14. Yeah, me too. I already have a hart time choosing between DS and DST because of the differences in content (Oh I can't get the Extra-Adorable Lavae here, oh there are no mandrakes and no sinkholes...) Now I imagine having to choose between three different games and no matter how I choose, I would be leaving behind half of the content anyway, since a lot of stuff from the base game as well as the stuff from RoG and probably even caves won't be in SW. That will be so frustrating. Klei will be working on three different games at the same time (only considering DS-things). There would be updates for each, slowing each development down. Just think about how long it takes now to port bugfixes from DST to DS. Also there will be the need for the same mods being transported from one to the others, from DS to DST to DS SW to probably DST SW... I'm thinking that the stand-alone decision was actually done quite recently, since there was not a single mention of that in the announcements. It seems like a huge turn in strategy, as if they had suddenly realized that the technical challenge would be too big. Shipwrecked would need so much content to really stand alone and feel like a whole different experience that doesn't just consist of what's missing. So far I got the feeling that it is actually recycling a lot of stuff (monkeys and bananas from the caves, siesta-lean-to and endothermic firepit from RoG,...) However, the new stuff looks so cool and I really think that the tropical-themed things could have added a lot of new challenge and fun to the original DS world. But I am not willing to spend money on three different packages of the same content. As it turns out, I will step back from this one.