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  1. Placing Manure inside a Chest, you can hear the flies sound that normally plays while it's lying on the ground. Additionally, the sound and animation are not played if Manure is dropped on the ground by the player.
  2. It can happen if you place it really close to the border (in the screenshot, I tried as close as possible). Apparently, these tiles get "technically" flooded as well.
  3. I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear in the initial report. Thanks for fixing all those bugs, you're awesome and good luck! Sorry for being even more annoying: Could you please also take a lot at this: It has ruined a lot of my games.
  4. @Jason So just to be sure, Sea Chiminea, Tar Lamp, Tar Extractor, Sea Yard, Fish Farm, Mussel Bed, Sea Chest, Sea Walls, Ballphin Palace, Coral Nubbin and Tar Suit are all meant to be available to craft right from to start? Isn't it a bit weird that one could make Sea Chests, but would need a Science Machine to make a regular Chest?
  5. According to this bug report ... ... the Galley was renamed to Buoyant Chiminea aka. Sea Chiminea. So it's actually in the game and everything is fine
  6. The rippling water effects under the Buoyant Chiminea only play once and don't loop.
  7. Not sure, if this is a bug or intended behaviour, although it doesn't really make sense for a water-structure be get flooded by a little puddle. So I guess it could be a left-over from the Science Machine code?
  8. All the new crafting recipes in the beta are available from the start. The scripts say they are supposed to be unlocked using TECH.WATER_TWO branch. Does everything work as intended here?
  9. Drop a Dumbrella into the Ocean and see how it uses the old textures from before the Eye of the Tiger Shark update when floating on the water.
  10. Play as Warly, store your Portable Crockpot in a Cargo Boat, save and exit the game. Load the game again and tadaa, notice second Crockpot in the inventory. It's not even necessary to leave the boat.
  11. 1. Equipp a Tar Lamp in your hand slot. 2. Turn it off. 3. Jump on a boat without a sail. 4. Row a short distance. 5. Tar Lamp magically turns itself on.
  12. Just a heads up, the Bone Helm doesn't have specific character examination quotes yet
  13. Oh, wow, I can't believe you found the solution! Please Klei, implement this fix in your game.
  14. Is there a way to remove an empty (burnt) Festive Tree Planter? Christmas party went wrong here.
  15. Uhm, are Wood Gates supposed to look so small now? Because from the side and when opened they still look like they were before.