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  1. 18 minutes ago, Rellimarual said:

    So it's not just a big chest? How does it work?

    It's like a limbo chest connected to all the others. You can access the items inside them from any other Root Trunk. Put an item inside of one, open another, and there is your item. And yes, they are amazing! :D

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  2. Oh, so that's how we ended with that little edit war going on at the wiki going back and forth on the Spider Monkey article! :D

    The 20 dmg and 125 hp are actually the Splumonkey's values (just "monkey" in the code)! And they probably copied the prefab and forgot to change these lines. This is also why lily pads are using the ponds' examination quotes, because they copied the ponds' code and forgot to remove a specific line.

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  3. 8 minutes ago, Maslak said:

    Yeah, sure. My friend kept uploading better quality, higher res pictures for thumnails in articles (Rhino guys from Forge for example) but someone kept switching them back to ugly ones, cropped from game iirc. Fun.

    I was not aware of this disagreement at the time, but the issue seems to have been that the edited Rhinocebros image was missing parts of their feet.

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  4. 8 hours ago, Jason said:

    Hey gary9996. can you explain what you mean?  The second season is a rainy season.. so it's probably just raining outside. Have you found something more odd than that?

    This doesn't just apply in the second season. As soon as you've entered an interior while it was raining, your game is bugged: It may eventually stop raining, but it will start all over again each time you leave a house, store, cave oder ruins entrance. Reloading doesn't fix the issue. This ruined my WX-78 run, and now I have it in my Wilson run too, because I wasn't careful enough.


    Has been reported several times:



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