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  1. 23 minutes ago, Jason said:

    In your repro steps, it seems you are on one boat, and try to un-equip the sail on a different boat. Is that what you intended to say? I'm not sure how to un-equip a sail on a boat I am not standing on. 

    But I was able to jump over to a found rowboat and unequip the sail, take it over to my old boat and equip it fine.

    Hey Jason, I think, I've found the problem. You can inspect other boats' inventories via left-click while standing on another boat.


    If you right-click on the sail of the other boat, it works just fine and you're holding the sail with your cursor. But if you left-click (which says "unequipp"), the sail from the boat you're standing on correctly lands in your inventory, while the sail from the other boat completely disappears.

    This can also be reproduced by having a Boat Torch, Lantern or Cannon attached and by unequipping a Boat Cannon from another boat via left-click.