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  1. Client's wilson sg

    Oh, and I wanted to ask something. In SGwilson_client I found two new options: Ontimeout and onupdate. When do they trigger, and what they are suppose to do?
  2. Client's wilson sg

    Yeah, I came up with idea: I'l just coppy the same SG, and'll change some animations.
  3. Client's wilson sg

    My code: shadow_hands = State { name = "shadow_hands_teleport", tags = {"busy"}, onenter = function(inst) inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("teleport") -- player won't cancel it if inst.components.locomotor ~= nil then inst.components.locomotor:StopMoving() end if inst.components.playercontroller ~= nil then inst.components.playercontroller:RemotePausePrediction() end if inst.components.health then inst.components.health:SetInvincible(true) end inst:ShowHUD(false) inst:SetCameraDistance(12) end, timeline = { TimeEvent(0, function(inst) inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/common/teleportato/teleportato_pulled") end), TimeEvent(82 * FRAMES, function(inst) inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/common/teleportato/teleportato_under") end), }, events = { EventHandler("animqueueover", function(inst) if inst.components.health then inst.components.health:SetInvincible(false) end inst:SnapCamera() inst:ScreenFade(true, 4) inst:Hide() inst.DynamicShadow:Enable(false) inst:DoTaskInTime(2.15,function() a,a1,a2 = inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition() local fx = SpawnPrefab("spawn_fx_small_high") fx.Transform:SetScale(2,2,2) fx.Transform:SetPosition(a,-4,a2) inst.sg:GoToState("wakeup") inst:Show() inst:ShowHUD(true) inst.DynamicShadow:Enable(true) inst:DoTaskInTime(.5,function() inst:SetCameraDistance() end) end) end), }, } AddStategraphState("wilson", shadow_hands) AddStategraphState("wilson_client", shadow_hands)
  4. Thenks! Give me your trde link, so I'll be able to give you a gift
  5. Hey everyone! I'm trying to add my own sg state to Wilson. It works nicely on non-dedicated servers but on dedicated servers something wrong becames with client side :/. So what am I trying to ask... How properly should I add state on client side? I've tried to add to client same state as on server, but it fixed nothing, only added problems. Any help?
  6. I want to make a custom animation with my own symbol
  7. Hey everyone! I'm trying to create my own symbol so I'll be able to override it (e.g: owner.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("swap_object", "swap_axe", "swap_axe") I've searched for some information, but I failed :/ My spriter project here Let's say that I need to be able to override a "SWAP_ICON-0" image. Any help? Oh, and if someone'll help me, I'll give you Cool Shadow Clothes! Thanks everyone for trying to help !
  8. Sand storm help

    Ok, I can give you some cool skins, if you'll help me!
  9. Sand storm help

    I never worked with netvars... Can you help me, or tell me how to use them, please?
  10. Screen function change

    Ok, there's too many globals... But I think I'll do it b myself from here. Thanks! Give me your trade link, so I'll be able to give your reward!
  11. Hello! I'm trying to make a mod that'll start sand storm all over the world when some event is working. I cant find where's sandstorm code is and how can I start it, so I made my own. It works nicely, when it's not on dedicated server. But on dedicated server players slows down, changes their walk animations, but on the screen there's no any sand storm overlay. For overlay I used this: ThePlayer:PushEvent("sandstormlevel", {level = 7/7}) What should I do now? Thanks everybody for your help!
  12. Screen function change

    oh, thanks! But there's so much globals I need to write... There's One problem. It is crashing with [string "scripts/widgets/text.lua"]:180: calling 'SetHAnchor' on bad self (number expected, got nil) All globals are here: local _G = GLOBAL local TheFrontEnd = _G.TheFrontEnd local require = _G.require local TheInput = _G.TheInput local NEWFONT_OUTLINE = _G.NEWFONT_OUTLINE local MOVE_RIGHT = _G.MOVE_RIGHT local MOVE_LEFT = _G.MOVE_LEFT local TheWorld = _G.TheWorld local TheNet = _G.TheNet local STRINGS = _G.STRINGS local USERFLAGS = _G.USERFLAGS local checkbit = _G.checkbit local DST_CHARACTERLIST = _G.DST_CHARACTERLIST local MODCHARACTERLIST = _G.MODCHARACTERLIST local MOD_AVATAR_LOCATIONS = _G.MOD_AVATAR_LOCATIONS local RESOLUTION_X = _G.RESOLUTION_X local ANCHOR_MIDDLE = _G.ANCHOR_MIDDLE local SCALEMODE_FIXEDPROPORTIONAL = _G.SCALEMODE_FIXEDPROPORTIONAL local RESOLUTION_Y = _G.RESOLUTION_Y local SCALEMODE_PROPORTIONAL = _G.SCALEMODE_PROPORTIONAL local UIFONT = _G.UIFONT local GetGameModeString = _G.GetGameModeString local UserCommands = require("usercommands") local ImageButton = require "widgets/imagebutton" local easing = require("easing") local Widget = require "widgets/widget" local Text = require "widgets/text" local UIAnim = require "widgets/uianim" local Image = require "widgets/image" local ConsoleScreen = require "screens/consolescreen" local DebugMenuScreen = require "screens/DebugMenuScreen" local PopupDialogScreen = require "screens/popupdialog" local TEMPLATES = require "widgets/templates" So many thanks for your help!
  13. Screen function change

    I allready did it. It worked without any other localisation mods, but, for example when I enabled Russian Language pack, screen came back to normal...
  14. Screen function change

    Thanks for trying to help! But it's my first time using AddClassPostConstruct... What should I use with self and player_widgets? I can't understand it at all...
  15. Screen function change

    I allready know that in function UpdatePlayerListing I need to replace playerListing.viewprofile:SetOnClick to this: playerListing.viewprofile:SetOnClick( function() if client.netid ~= nil then TheNet:ViewNetProfile(client.netid)--Вмесот этого экрана, мы открываем профиль стима end end)