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  1. I looked into logs and found out that the game for some reason loads mods more then 1 time until it gets out of memory, so there's that
    Pretty sure that if you disable all mods that  add some sort of assets (anims/images/videos/etc), this can be avoided, but that's really weird

  2. This is not really a bug. When you launch a server without caves it launches a server inside your game, so you have a 0 ping. But when you launch a server with caves enabled, the game launches a dedicated server on your machine and your ping becomes something around 10 ms.
    If you disable lag compenstation, you'll see where's you player at atm on the server, where enabled lag compensation lets you to mimic your movement on client without any latency.

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  3. 17 hours ago, jmaster said:

    Ладно, я то переживу :) DST Ready можно и вручную обновлять, хотя лень конечно. А с голодными играми тебе не так весело, наверное. Свои же моды... :) Будем надеяться и верить.

    Да я там вручную тоже могу, но сам факт того, что они нас игнорируют уже что-то значит.