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  1. Its fine you don't have to. Just glad you got what you needed.
  2. Have you tried: inst.AnimState:SetMultColour(255/255,255/255,255/255,1)? Replacing the first 255 before the slash with the right RGB number? Like how: inst.AnimState:SetMultColour(117/255,115/255,251/255,1) Would give me a light purple color.
  3. Well if you're fine with changing each individual recipe: Is an example. This applies to all characters
  4. I cant help you but this modder made something like it: Maybe you can use this mod for reference?
  5. Wait where is willows pigtails. I NEED THEM.
  6. *Instant bought the Snowfallen Feast Chest without second thought* Oh no. Oh no. You know me too well you beautiful bastards.
  7. To be honest I don't know why your method doesn't work. I just tried it out and the way I look at it, it should've worked but it didnt. Sorry wish I knew. You may have a typo somewhere or someone more tech savvy can explain the situation. Cause mine works
  8. I did this for my issabelle mod that makes it drop fruits from various trees:
  9. Yeah I did that and it works for my character but if you play any other character the item will disappear for everyone else. Rather unfortunate, Guess i'll just have to live with a none skinned version. The enternal sadness Thanks anyway!
  10. I honestly don't know how to approach this. Browsing through past topics i found one way was to make an exact same prefab with a different name that can be crafted. While this method does work it completely ignores skins which I definitely want. Another method was trying to mimic the green amulet but unfortunately ive only found ways to reducing an entire tab's worth of items rather than a specific item itself. And lastly changing the recipe directly. Obviously this works but if i remember correctly, if i made it character specific then the original recipe of the item becomes unavailable and uncraftable. To be frank, I just want log armor to be cheaper for this character alone. Any ideas?
  11. Something like this? if target and target.brain and target.sample_projectilestun ~= true then target.sample_projectilestun = true target.brain:Stop() if target.components.locomotor then target.components.locomotor:Stop() end target:DoTaskInTime(5, function() target.brain:Start() target.sample_projectilestun = nil end) end
  12. Alright just turns out the windy plains mod doesnt seem to like other Prototypers. If anyone out here plans on making a custom prototyper I suggest using Felix, <Defaults>, or mine(which is pretty much Felix) way of making prototypers. just giving an FYI
  13. Is it this one? The one Maris posted here is the one everyone is using within their own custom tech trees. There was another modder while I was searching through the fourms called Zarklord who made his own custom tech tree but when testing it in a non-dedicated server it didnt work.(I think anyway, the way I used it didnt work). @Maris Is there a way to update the custom_tech_tree.lua, as it seems to no longer be compatible with other custom tech tree mods.
  14. So there isn't a lot of mods with custom tech trees and i guess there's a reason why for this? It seems all custom tech trees ive seen on mods all use the same method of making a tech tree, including my new character. I tested 3 mods with custom tech trees, my Shallotte Mod, Windy Plains Mod, and the felix mod. They all lead to this(Or something closely similar): [00:04:15]: [string "../mods/workshop-923823873/custom_tech_tree..."]:134: attempt to compare number with nil LUA ERROR stack traceback: ../mods/workshop-923823873/custom_tech_tree.lua:134 in (field) fn (Lua) <130-144> scripts/scheduler.lua:177 in (method) OnTick (Lua) <155-207> scripts/scheduler.lua:371 in (global) RunScheduler (Lua) <369-377> scripts/update.lua:170 in () ? (Lua) <149-228> I dont know who was the originator of the custom_tech_tree.lua but i was wondering if anyone can fix this common bug with all custom tech trees? Supposedly it was originally compatible but i keep encountering this error when i enable two mods with tech trees.
  15. You can what I did with my broccoli mod. Make it so you can change your characters build on keyhandler and make the second build without legs, expand the canvas of the torso sprites by certain amount of pixels, then add on legs and skateboard onto the torso. Example: The downside is your skateboard will look like its constantly floppin, we can imagine he's doing sick wheelie though?
  16. Well I finally found my solution, just a matter of using tags and a component that drops item if they dont have the tag. But Im now confused on how to add a global tag for all characters to who join the server, lose tag when they become ghost, and gain tag when becoming human. Last step before I could get this bad boy done, much appreciated if anyone can help!
  17. Hi everyone, working on a very watered down version of Korrigan's potions and I noticed that his stat enhancing potions stack making it so you can do basically reach infinite in that stat. Korrigans example: I know Felix's Marvelous Potions Mod had a way to remedy this problem but it looked way beyond my comprehension. Isn't there an easier way to make it so if person uses this potion once, he can't use it again until the cooldown is finished(Different from Felix's approach). Or is Felix's solution the best way to go at it? Felix Example:
  18. Aw sheesh you have to be joking, all I needed to add was added the fourmthread line within the modinfo to update the api_version to 10. Thank you ZupaleX for telling me the crash log, i know that should be the first thing a modder should do but my game didnt exactly "crash" so I never bothered until you told me.
  19. Suggested by Lumina here's a new thread regarding changing the API from this tutorial: to 10. I messed with my modmain then my prefabs and it still tells me that changing the api_version to 10 crashes. api_version 4 works fine. Here is a very very early build that isn't like my current build but still represents the same problem my current build has: Any ideas?
  20. Somewhat similar question, using this pretty straightforward structure tutorial: I manage to make my own structure, the only thing that bugs me is that whenever I update the api to 10 the mod no longer works. What do I do?
  21. So i just started doing my own structure with its own tech tree but im lost, its giving me the tech tree of both myprefab and the perdshrine! I double checked my modmain and prefab but i cant seem to find the cause of the matter. Maybe im just blind. Help? MyPrefab: My modmain:
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Downloads for the weapon tutorial
  23. using this tutorial provided i followed and redone everything from step 1 but it seems only the intro song plays when entering the game. Every other instance doesnt work. Am I missing something? Do I have to upload it to the workshop for it to work? And yes, I did fix the typo in his template. Did anyone have a similar problem, how did you solve it? Haha im stupid, please lock this thread
  24. Hekkaryk was right on the mark. You changed both esctemplate and ESCTEMPLATE with the same thing. esctemplate must be replaced with leah and ESCTEMPLATE must be replaced with LEAH for example. Removed example because I was stupid and gave misinformation.