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  1. Thanks guys, I think I'll leave it to Klei then, hopefully the giants will be implemented at some point! And thanks for the tips DarkXero - I might try and get it working locally just for kicks
  2. Hey guys, After playing DST with some friends and absolutely loving it I decided to try my hand at some modding by adding the Reign of Giant Giants into DST. I know Klei have said they will be adding ROG features into the game at some point but I thought this would be a good way to get my feet wet with the DS modding scene. I'll prefix this by saying up front that I'm a web developer by trade so I've very familiar with JavaScript and not with Lua, luckily for me they are both loosely typed and Interpreted so I've not had to much trouble picking it up. I've so far moved over the prefab, brain and state-graph files as well as the animation files for Bearger (I am starting with Bearger) and have modified them to function correctly with DST. I am able to DebugSpawn a Bearger that functions the same as in ROG. I'm having some issues with integrating the prefab within the world however, as there are currently only two seasons DST I'll be looking to have Bearger arrive in Summer. I've tried a few different methods in the modmain.lua file but am not really sure where to start, I've not been able to find any example mods that implement this kind of logic. If anyone can point me in the direction of one or give me a starting point I would be very grateful. I've tried things like the following in the modmain.lua file that I've pieced together from other mods I've peaked at but don't think I'm heading in the right direction (especially with the looping through characters table which I saw on another mod but not sure how else to tackle it at this stage) function ModCharacterInit(inst) local function BeargerInit() if _G.GetSeasonManager().current_season == _G.SEASONS.SUMMER then print("Spawning Bearger") local bearger = _G.SpawnPrefab("bearger") end end _G.GetClock().inst:ListenForEvent("daytime", BeargerInit)endModCharacterInit()Thanks guys!