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  1. @Matrix_Prime The problem is obvious this mod doesn't work on don't stave, it works only on don't starve together. I did mention in the main body of the text, that the stalker mod (where the mod originated from, that's why I'm mentioning it) got a lot of negativity from the don't starve workshop on steam. Considering what the workshop (both single and multiplayer) is "producing", someone has to show shame if its disliked so much.

  2. Usually I find that on dst gold is constantly being depleted by wigfrid's helmets  or other mods that eat up gold constantly so its balanced there. As for regular don't starve I can see it being op there but I remember being constantly annoyed with the blow dart recipes so I've got a mixed feeling about it.

    Nice, I'm on my phone now, but I will download it tomorrow. TBH it is a little bit OP. Can you make craft recipe for arrows 3 nuggets? It would be a bit balanced. Nice anyways.

  3. We need two things:


    1) To have it for solo, because I won't play DST. You hear me? NEVER.

    2) Fidget!


    I'll keep an eye on you pal.

    There ya go single player version available, as for fidget I cannot do I'm sorry. College is now going to drown me in equations, theories, laws, etc. and I won't be able to pay attention to this mod as much.

  4. plz make it compatable for the other versions he looks cool :grin:

    Right now im trying to fix the ahrah problem and its just.... Blowing my mind. I can't fix it and right now im in shock because it acts really random, if I didn't know any better it feels like my arm has been cut off. Yeah thats how shocked I am.

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