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  1. When a container is assigned for Sweep Only tasks ans then such tasks are commanded, Duplicants won't perform the tasks even when they're idle. When the Sweep Only mark is removed, the Duplicants will start working on the Sweep tasks. Issue is removed when the game is restarted.
  2. When Duplicants go to sleep, multiple acquire the hair style of another (in this case Mae).
  3. Same issue, it can happen in both Ration Box and Refrigerator, there is no category for Sleet Wheat and duplicants fills up the refrigerators with tons of it , no chance to reassign to other box... The only alternative to manage food is to set specific foods in the refrigerator so that no other undesired food or ingredient is added...
  4. There seems to be something wrong with Joshua, but he won't tell me what is it...