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  1. Huh... Turns out I have two Documents folders... Weird... The first I moved from C: to D:, which is the folder I always use, but for some reason, I have another in my OneDrive, which I didn't know even existed, but that's where the Klei folder is located. In the settings for the folders, both folder's default location was the same. Really weird, I have never had that happen before, but at least it's solved now.
  2. Hello there, I've been modding in Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together for quite a while now, but I can into quite a setback. I noticed while modding, that the logs and other files weren't being updated in Documents/Klei/ and even renaming the Klei folder didn't create a new one, but I still have my worlds and everything. Does anyone know if the default location has moved or how I can find the new location?
  3. Here's a working version for Shipwrecked. I haven't actually played all of Shipwrecked myself yet, so let me know if there's any items that it isn't working with yet I also allowed myself to add two small features: 1. Instead of keeping the tool after having used it, it'll change to your hands if you had nothing equipped. 2. If you dig up something like a tree, it will automatically put away the shovel shortly, making it so you don't automatically dig up any saplings or such around.