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  1. Is the display part of the new signal counter broken for you guys too ? The 7 segment part is not showing anything. For the rest, it's properly sending a signal when the max value is reached.
  2. lol clicking the database button for sweepy opens the page on shove voles ? edit: wait. No. Sweepy is part of the shove vole page like it's a critter variant.
  3. The last update changed the unity version the game is built on and as such it even changed the version of .net that runs the game. It had deep wide ranging changes on multiple aspects, including world generation. Worlds generated before and after the 5 of february update will be different even if they used the same seed. The whole asteroid database at TNI had to be thrown away.
  4. @Nebbie Ok, thanks for the info. I had just looked briefly at the most recent posts in the bug section. Using the search function I now see six different reports of the issue. Not sure there's much of a point in adding another me too.
  5. Anyone else getting unearned "Some Reservations" achievement ? (it's the one for having 4 reserves) Since the update, a few seconds after loading my save I'm awarded "Some Reservations". I didn't have it before because I only have 2 reserves here. Loading a previous autosave triggered the same buggy behaviour.
  6. Since you're giving the wardrobe some cosmetic love, have you considered giving it some attention on the usability front ? We lost the capacity to swap "presets" by switching heads in the wardrobe scroller in the moonrock-portal update and from that point on switching clothes with the wardrobe has become incredibly cumbersome. The game has since gained true loadout presets but they're sadly not accessible from the most commonly used cloth switching screen.
  7. Initial comment was mostly in jest. Guess I should have thrown in a smiley in there. > date from 3rd to 6th Do we have a proper source for the 6 ? The 6th is today and klei doesn't have an habit of making non-emergency/non-hotfix patches on sundays. And yeah, my bad on the quote thing, seems the forum can't do nested quotes so quoting a post that only contains quotes results in an empty quote.
  8. Now that's it's been established that all of you are filthy liars, can we please know the actual end time of the event ?
  9. If the meal isn't fresh you get a penalty on the value of the reward. Either rebuy fresh milk or salt the dish before sacrificing it.
  10. After updating the impossibility to connect to servers is still there, both for the gorge and regular gameplay. The pings in the browser appear normal now.
  11. Can confirm, current gorge build for linux seems completely unable to connect to any don't starve server. As in, not merely unable to quickmatch, join, or create gorge servers; I was also unable to join a regular don't starve game someone was hosting, and even unable to play one of my worlds. Creating a new world with caves went past the "server is generating world" message and failed at the connecting message. Other people were reporting similar issues in the (over-)hype thread Unsurprisingly, I was able to create and play a caveless world (only tested for 10 seconds) but obviously that just points back to a connection creation regression. Also, all gorge servers appeared with atrocious ping. Not sure if it's related or just that you didn't enable the automatic hosting for europe yet ?