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  1. Could always just make a mod that adds clothes and separate items with the same values as the base items, and take the sprites from the clothes from DST.
  2. Ooh. I'm not a modder at all. (Wish I was though, if I was I'm an awful artist so I'd have no art). But I'll be sure to link this to him
  3. Can we suggest people to be invited? I know Cr4shmaster has made a perishable LUA so mods don't conflict when editing such things. His code could help make lots of new items and such.
  4. Bump: Or help me make one? I just don't know anything about modding, so I'd have to have my hand held through it all and at that point, why not someone else throw stuff together and all?
  5. Is there an actual working freezer mod right now? And if not.. Could someone make one for me and my friend? The one I've been using that stopped working a while ago is ( ) Any chance someone could make a working version and upload it to the workshop? There's an existing perishables.lua file to keep such mods compatable Please and thank you~
  6. Man.. I don't wanna have to go back to using the overworld caves generating. It was so buggy and messy. But.. Guess it's that or nothing.
  7. Yup. After I dug through the great wall of text that is the crash logs, I found that and removed it. Any chance you know why my friend was having issues connecting me to though? No new mods since we last played, but for some reason it was giving a network error and failure to connect. Even though they could conenct to other servers, and I could connect to a server they hosted
  8. No idea why, no new mods or anything since I last played, did a test launch and joined my own server, then messed around with a few of the older mods and uninstalled a few that wasn't needed anymore to try and help. The game just forces a shut down due to no more memory when joining my server now and I have no clue why there's a memory leak, or where to even locate the issue. Client Crashlog:
  9. Aha.. Hounds attack all too often, so i have lots of horns from said attacks, so i just make sewing kits, and fix the hats, so they last forever Was more so looking for.. a mod that gives them a useful purpose
  10. Any mods out there that give purpose to Beefalo horns? I have lots from taking hounds into a local herd, and.. theres no use for them, so i have like. 20 at this point sitting next to my captured Koalefant I know there's A mod that uses them, but I didnt like it, it was like.. a potions mod
  11. Uh... I don't know LUA or C++...

  12. A mod where you can have a backpack AND armour at the same time? Kinda hard to explore and not fight cause im too weak to do the fighting without armour.. Making it so lakes unfreeze durring the day in winter, making it a bit easier to get food, since i play as a carnivour on my server's i host with friends Another mod idea is where, when closer to anything technology related, your sanity raises, or when standing on anything hand made, as in, when standing on wooden floors you made ect.ect. as it would be a form of comfort, thust, your stress goes away slowly, but of course, it would only be a slow regen Not all too sure how hard these are going to be If you want to make them, take full credit, i dont need any, just inform me if you will make them :3 I have nothing to offer in turn of you making mods from my ideas