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  1. Yeah I highly doubt there will be many people who use it the "legit" way. A temporary power source isn't worth building. It's like building hydrogen generators to consume a pocket of hydrogen you uncovered and only for that. It doesn't make any of sense to me.
  2. Yeah I had a brain fart there. I'm american so the metric system isn't natural for me also I'm still a newb to the game. But if I'm not mistaken can't mechanized airlocks be used push large amounts of water up? Sure it would take longer but it should be able to move a massive amount of water at once. I'm still learning the technical side of ONI but I'm pretty sure that would work.
  3. I like the idea of both generators. But I know the "waterwheel" generator would be easy mode free energy with the right setup. With geysers eventually you'll obtain enough water to make a system that loops back on itself and produces more energy then it takes to move the water back to the top. IRL that's not possible because you'd need very strong pumps to push the water back to the origin point. With ONI the pumps don't have any physical limitations as far as pumping against gravity. So you'd probably need very few pumps to make an artificial river/waterfall to step down into many waterwheel generators and produce tons of power. To balance it you'd need to make them produce so little power they wouldn't we worth building in the first place. The stirling generator seems like an interesting idea.For people that know how to manage and manipulate heat and cold it should be a good power source.
  4. While they are non-hostile they become aggressive to any critter (non-pokeshell) or dupe near them after they lay their egg. So sticking other critters in a room with pokeshells is a bad idea.
  5. Someone else made a request list and one of the things they had on the list was teleporters. It would be great if you could make a mod for that. I was thinking it would be a fiber optic wire system. Materials Fiber optic wire Either Glass or Plastic + Reed fiber for the wires and have them look similar to automation wire. Teleport pad refined metal, plastic, and glass Function A system similar to the transit tubes but dupes can only exit where there's a teleport pad attached to the fiber optic wire. Travel time is instant between pads. Multiple dupes can travel both ways at the same time. Power I figure power consumption would be 250 W per teleport pad with continuous power draw. No idea if the mod is possible I hope it is though. It's something that has been nagging at me for the past few weeks. So I figured I'd finally ask about it.
  6. Well @Cairath made the wallpaper mod. If someone else copied his mod and added additional colors without his permission it was most likely taken down. I remember seeing the mod you're talking about but don't remember who made it. I don't use the wallpaper mod so I didn't bother looking at it.
  7. @erny0507 might be able to help you Also I'm sure someone on the ONI discord would know how to help too. https://discord.gg/EBncbX2
  8. Skye Storme did a video guide series which i found pretty helpful. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbCLzFKeiWkM69zrZKMIO0VB_vc6sPMbU I tried a few colonies on my own before I realized how deep this game was. So I looked for guides/tutorials on youtube. His was the newest one I managed to find and it was pretty good. I played on the same seed and made some deviations and did my own thing along the way as I got more comfortable with the game. He often does Q&A streams so you can ask him about stuff in-game.
  9. Organic tiles?

    The easiest method I know of For me I got my hands on the stuff pretty easily from an iron volcano. I'm fairly certain the volcano was producing phosphorus gas. Cause every time it erupted there would be a phosphorus gas cloud. There wasn't any loose phosphorite on the ground or phosphorite tiles to melt into liquid phosphorus either. But the phosphorus tiles are temperamental temperature wise they'll easily turn back into a liquid in a warm environment. If you're not opposed to using mods there's this. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1837883076 I ditched the phosphorus method for the mod cause it's so much easier just to place a dirt tile. You also don't need to worry about it changing into a liquid. I also started using this mod. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1859560108 Because I hate the pip planting rules which just seem like a limitation meant to keep players from having compact wild farms.I turned off their planting rule in the config. Now I only have to build a pattern for plants like arbor trees and everything else can be planted side by side.
  10. Automatic dig command

  11. I like the idea of engineering plants and the dupe teleporter.
  12. The clam could slowly consume germs in water in a 3x3 area around itself. It could poop out a small amount of fertilizer.
  13. Go here https://forums.kleientertainment.com/ then click on updates under ONI. Also patch notes have been posted to developer log and to general discussion for some reason.
  14. Wish it was all directions but this is nice too. Thanks for the mod.