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  1. Everytime I go to build the Fuel Tank, the game freezes and errors out and i have to restart.
  2. [Game Update] - 364722

    I hope people update their mods, my save is borked right now.
  3. The self sealing airlock mod is a god send, it makes what you did, much quicker. the non modded airlocks, are really not airlocks in this game. I see you posted on Reddit as well.
  4. [Game Update] - 364722

    I hope they start working on optimizations here, even with a 8700K, the simulation takes a nose dive late game. 22FPS is horrible
  5. No, I am not getting errors, that's what I am saying. They are just deactivating.
  6. This has happened to me twice now, these are normal exits, not crashes.
  7. Is Liquid Pumps broken?

    For some reason, I am having issues where it's favoring the Oxydizers and then it doesn't let go past them now. It's screwing over the base. It's really weird.
  8. Popped Eardums

    They have overlays for everything else, why not pressure?
  9. Can we have an overlay that displays pressure? It's hard to pinpoint a bad pressure area just highlighting square by square.
  10. [Game Update] - 358820

    This shouldn't matter. If the only task they have is cooking, and it's top priority, that duplicant shouldn't be running a generator. I am also getting "starvation" BS as well. I have my dupes on very specific tasks, and food is a constant issue.
  11. No, that doesn't do what you think it does. That means, that the person will drop a suit down on the ground even if there is an Atmos suit station not available for recharging. That's it. And yes, there would be reasons why you would want that on or off. As it stands now, this system is broken.
  12. There is a big issues here. If a duplicant drops a suit off at another location, and there is one needed at another checkpoint, no one ever picks it up and delivers that suit to the other check point. Because you "have" to wear the suit to pass the checkpoint. Please make it where suppliers can pick up the suit itself at the checkpoint, and bring it to another atmos suit stand that has "Deliver Suit" checked. That deliver suit option is useless unless this can be done. This is becoming increasingly annoying, especially when you are being very careful with your base, and you can't mess up. And one dock not letting someone through can destroy an entire colony in this game easily. Please consider changing the way this works, as it stands now, it doesn't work too well. Or make something like "allowable paths" so you can tell the duplicants who is "allowed" to go to the checkpoint to pick up a suit. Or have it where you can exchange the suit from one location to another. This NEEDS a fix.
  13. Again all your reasoning are still ignoring what I am saying: There is no reason there can't be a mid tier vent. Going from 2000G to 20,000 is a huge jump.