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  1. What do you guys think of our first mod. Send us your feedback Thank you
  2. im using spriter and i open a project which is my character.scml and all i get is 3 art of my character, the front, back and side. I want to make a custom Idle animation and a punchforward and a punchbackward animation and after doing that how to i apply it to the character ( mod )
  3. @rezecib yea just look at the last post sorry i didnt know how to reply
  4. @rezecib now where can i look for the eye of chester and chester tex files so i can edit them and thanks for responding
  5. im creating a character mod and i want to make a character where when he spawns he will someone similar to chester to follow him arround also similar to markiplier mod where tinyboxtim follows him around when he spawns?? anyone willing to help???