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  1. Realized I should probably add the character to this. Meepo.zip
  2. I am trying to make a simple mod. The idea is based on Meepo of Dota 2 http://dota2.gamepedia.com/Meepo I would simply like to take the Codex Umbra and change it so that when an individual activates it, it instead of creating a shadow maxwell, creates a Meepo. My problem arises far earlier than you would expect. I copied the components from scripts/prefabs for shadowwaxwell and waxwell journal into prefab in the mod folder. I renamed waxwelljournal to meepojournal I then changed return Prefab("common/waxwelljournal", fn, assets, prefabs)to return Prefab("common/inventory/meepojournal", fn, assets)I have also tried return Prefab("common/yellowsign", fn, assets, prefabs)among others I also added these lines to modmain : PrefabFiles = { "esctemplate", "meepojournal", "shadowwaxwell",}And right now what happens is I chose the character, and DST just completely crashes. No errors, just closes out entirely. Any thoughts? Recommendations?
  3. @PeterA, Sorry, I figured it out, the mod was a bit to large. (Getting into the 30MB range) By decreasing the size, I resolved the issue.
  4. Nevermind, I just realized I was retarded. Ignore me. Thanks for the awesome tools.
  5. Was this really the last patch? Because I updated my mod yesterday, and now I can't. Receiving error: Something went wrong while updating your mod! Error: Could not generate mod data file!
  6. Trying to update a mod, getting error: "Something went wrong while updating your mod! Error: Could not generate mod data file!"
  7. Just click "I understand" It's not an error, it's a warning that Klei does not actually support mods, just modding.
  8. Hi! I was wondering if there was anywhere in your amazing template (I have already made 3 characters with it so far) where one would put sprites for were-critters? I am making a were-turkey for when you eat too many berries, but right now, well, it just crashes the game when you transform due to a lack of assets. Edit: I am a derp, I think I figured it out I compiled two different sprites, and have the code to call each one depending on whether the character is transformed or not.