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  1. Hey, everyone! I'm looking to get some assistance coding some stuff. I apologize, as the list is quite long. Is it possible to make it so a character starts losing health from Sanity drain after Sanity reaches 0? Is it possible to make it so a character's Wetness goes up when attacked by specific enemies; in this case, Shadow Creatures? Is it possible to make a weapon use the Blow Dart's attack animation instead of the standard one, or do I need to create a new animation in Spriter if I want something other than the default? Is it possible to make a weapon reward sanity on killing specific enemies; in this case, Shadow Creatures? Is it possible to make a weapon be able to "reload" its finite uses, like being fueled, only with drain being on use instead of constant while equipped? And can I make it fueled only by one specific item; in this case, Papyrus? I'm happy to be getting more experienced at coding, but more complicated stuff like this still eludes me, so thank yous are very much in order to anyone that can help with even one of the above.
  2. I saw a mod based on one of the protagonists from Fatal Frame 5 on the workshop, but didn't care for the way they functioned. However, I really liked the idea because I'm a big fan of Fatal Frame overall. That being said, I'm currently trying to code a few pieces of equipment from the game to go with the new character I've created and wondered if anyone might find it to be an interesting exercise in experimenting with codes to help me speed the process along, as I'm still an amateur at coding, so while I can comprehend, it takes me an awful long time to execute (correctly). Purifiying Embers are simple, but since I'm here, I'll put it in. All they do is in Fatal Frame is instantly dry you off completely. Just need an item that can stack and does exactly that. The Camera Obscura could get a little dicey. In Fatal Frame, this is your main weapon of choice, used to exorcise hostile spirits, albeit with a somewhat limited range of effectiveness. Use of the camera is also rumored to inflict several dire side-effects such as "increase the risk of being attacked by spirits, result in the user being driven insane by what they see, and cause them to commit suicide." The camera can be augmented by special Lenses that cause attacks to have special effects such as Extra Damage, Slowdown, Lifesteal, or Increased Loot Drops. Some of these concepts are easily translatable, some aren't.'s my brainstorming notes so far for the Camera Obscura: And now the Lenses brainstorming notes: That's all for right now. Please, if you're interested, respond with comments, ideas, solutions, etc. I'd greatly appreciate any help people are willing to offer, and would certainly credit you in the final product.