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  1. I'm playing the game on a laptop hooked up to a TV. The laptop is running GTX 1050 alongside the integrated Intel card. After joining the beta branch for Return of Them, the resolution settings of the game were reset to non-fullscreen and at a much lower resolution setting than the actual resolution of the TV and laptop screens. So I turned on fullscreen and bumped resolution as high as it would go, which turned out to be too high (I'm terrible at remembering numbers and struggle to recall the native resolution) so I set it back down to the correct 1360x768. This has had two unintended effects: 1) the audio no longer plays through the TV, but through the laptop, and 2) the desktop resolution settings have been completely ruined. So long as the game is running, the desktop's resolution is correctly displaying at 1360x768, but when the game is shut down, the resolution is thrown askew. Though Windows Display settings still say the resolution is 1360x768, the edges of the screen have been lopped off like the edges of a bread slice, disappearing off-screen. See video for clarification: Nothing seems to get the desktop back to the correct resolution, I've tried restarting, unplugging the HDMI cable (laptop's resolution is unaffected) and tweaking resolution settings every which way, and the only way to fix the audio issue is to disable the laptop's speakers entirely so long as I play and then re-enable them when I'm done. I don't know why the game won't default to the TV's speakers since they are set as default.
  2. I remember back when this would strike fear in one's heart, it's a breeze now!