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  1. Personally, I think we should leave it up to Klei to determine what is "probably impossible to fix." That being said, perhaps the fix in world generation is impossible. In that case, perhaps there is a fix that doesn't involve world generation. If the rocky biome next to the oasis is generated small enough and/or is nonexistent, maybe meteors shouldn't spawn there. That is the bug I am talking about: meteors spawning in a nonexistent/terribly small rockyland biome inside the oasis and not the lack of a proper biome for the meteors to spawn. It would be fine if the rockyland desert didn't spawn and there were also no meteors spawning in random nearby barren turf. How exactly it is fixed or if it can be at all would of course be up to Klei. I don't know how meteors are spawned or if they are closely tied with world generation. The wiki says meteors spawn "within rockyland biomes near the mosaic biome... The rockyland biome is made up of rocky turf and barren turf." It also says "the desert is mostly covered with sandy turf, though it does have large patches of bare ground as well." I assume what caused this glitch is that the rockyland biome failed to spawn or is entirely made up of that barren spot in the oasis desert, so the meteors are spawning on that patch of barren turf that either is or is supposed to be a rockyland biome. Maybe if the oasis desert didn't have any barren turf meteors would never have a chance to spawn inside it. Maybe the meteor spawning conditions can be fixed. Maybe we're all living in a simulation. P.S. I don't care about my world anymore, and why don't wormholes EVER spawn inside the oasis desert (sample size 150+)? Is that intended? Why? If not I wish that would be fixed as well...
  2. Sure it's unlucky, but is it a bug or intended? That's the question I am asking.
  3. Meteor shower on natural barren turf in oasis nowhere near mosiac biome. Is this intended to prevent players from making a base in the oasis? It doesn't make much sense to me otherwise and is messing with my base location in a world it took me a long time to find. Thank you if you can take a look. Is there any way I can fix this without disabling meteor showers or moving my base? If not thank you anyway.