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  1. In fact it seems there is a spot overlapping part of where that building was and part of the street where I can't place any buildings, be it Town buildings or Campfires, Fire Pits and other regular buildings. I'm building inside Swinesbury City, so shouldn't the biome automatically keep brambles out? I think there's definitely something invisible there (and in plenty other places) making it impossible for me to build where apparently there should be nothing.
  2. If anyone has any idea why this is happening I'd appreciate a heads up!
  3. Just began trying to build new structures in Hamlet and the second building I try to build doesn't turn from Red(unplaceable) to Green(placeable) even though the space where I'm trying to put it seems empty. Even tried removing turf from underneath it to see if there was anything getting in the way but even though the spot seems empty the game won't allow me to place the building there.