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  1. If Canister Filler's pipe is empty, Soda Fountain will say there is no Carbon Dioxide available even if Canister Filler's storage has over 20kg of Carbon Dioxide.
  2. I'm playing on speed 1 and the game is stuttering from low FPS. I only have 14 dupes and haven't even begun my endgame. Currently only colonize 2 asteroids and my bases on them are not too big. Currently about 500 critters total, and most of those are confined to 1 square so their pathing calculation doesn't contribute more to lag. Still haven't build my Slickters and Dreckos ranches, or my morb > Pufts ranches that I usually build. Don't use a lot of spaguetti in base and don't dig out any wild part of the asteroid unless I wanna build there, so much of my main asteroid is still as it was when map was generated. The game is NOT using any part of my PC to it's limits. There's plenty of CPU, GPU and RAM power to spare, but the game just doesn't use it and instead lags and breaks. I made a post a while ago about how Critter AI is also heavily affected by ONI's poor performance. I've made so many concessions and compromises to try and enjoy the game and see past this lag but I'm out of ideas on what else to do without ruining the fun! Already playing on speed 1 and avoiding running any more ranches even though I love them! This is ruining the game for me and I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO! I was going to post this to Reddit or Steam forums but decided to post here so there's hopefully a higher chance of Klei seeing this. So Klei, when are you guys going to step up and address this? At the moment I feel all of Klei's focus is on putting more content to the game (which is great!) but so many of us can't enjoy the current content as it is because of ONI's poor mid/end-game performance and I wish we weren't ignored. Please, we need you, Klei!
  3. This! I've been quitting the game out of lag frustration too often in the DLC. I really sucks the fun out of it
  4. As in title, Electric Grill does not recognize available Bog Jelly to cook into Swampy Delights. Cook Supply errands on the Grill says there are "No pending deliveries". On the screenshot we can see an available Bog Jelly to the left of the GrubGrub on the center right part of the picture, which is also recognized by the game under Calories Available on the upper left part of the picture.
  5. Just wish I knew whether the devs intend to fix this. It makes my rovers so useless I'm trying to think of a different way I can setup new asteroids without using Rovers. Sending a dupe over on the first trip just seems really hard..
  6. Been playing the game for quite a while now, ~1700 hours, am not really vocal in the forums or the community, more like a reading than writing type of person (you'll see from my bad writing), but finally decided this issue has bothered me too much that I needed to voice it, and the issue is the bane of many ranchers of ONI, AI lag. Most will probably recognize it as the amount of time a critter takes to respond to the duplicant calling for it at the Grooming Station, and it can be an instant or it can take several ingame day shifts before the critter realizes it's being called. If you add to that the number of 6~8 critters per stable and the fact that they have to be groomed about once per cycle (less if you have a dupe with high Husbandry skill), it quickly starts to take quite some time out of the colony's work day to keep critters happy if you have AI lag. I've dealt with this issue in the base game forever, but it seems to have taken a new level in the DLC. Also please notice although I recognize ONI's many late game performance issues (which also do ruin the game a bit for me), this is not about FPS issues but specifically about the time it takes critters and rovers' AI to respond to tasks, and rovers seem especially sensitive to this, as they seem to be able to take VERY long pauses between each task, cutting their useful life expectancy to a lot less than intended. I recorded a 1:35 long video showing how the rover responds to tasks assigned to it and I hope it illustrates my issue more than my bad writing does. I need to point out the game is not using my desktop computer to its limits. CPU and RAM have power to spare and GPU rarely goes above 15% of its capacity. I'm using an AMD FX8350 8-core 4.01GHz, 16GB RAM. I also want to ask a very important question for me regarding how the devs see this issue, so this question is for them: "Is this an intentional part of gameplay or is it going to be fixed?" As you hopefully can see from the video, the impact on gameplay is heavy, and it makes rovers and critters quite bad so I'd really like to know whether this will be left as is, like it happened with the base game performance issues, or do the devs intend to take the time to address it? Also please note I am NOT here seeking advice on ways to reduce this, but mostly want to expose this issue and hopefully see if more people experience it and maybe have it reach devs' ears? If you've come this far down the post I just want to thank you for your time! So thank you!! <3
  7. In fact it seems there is a spot overlapping part of where that building was and part of the street where I can't place any buildings, be it Town buildings or Campfires, Fire Pits and other regular buildings. I'm building inside Swinesbury City, so shouldn't the biome automatically keep brambles out? I think there's definitely something invisible there (and in plenty other places) making it impossible for me to build where apparently there should be nothing.
  8. If anyone has any idea why this is happening I'd appreciate a heads up!
  9. Just began trying to build new structures in Hamlet and the second building I try to build doesn't turn from Red(unplaceable) to Green(placeable) even though the space where I'm trying to put it seems empty. Even tried removing turf from underneath it to see if there was anything getting in the way but even though the spot seems empty the game won't allow me to place the building there.