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  1. Indeed! Even if i played throughout today...the evening update solved my base! Now I'm on Cycle 45 and not any crash yet! Thanks to your team for your permanent eager to solve these bugs
  2. Well, 4th base I do on Oxygen, and every game I started always end the same...keep crashing! When the base is developped, around 13 to 16 duplicants and around 36 cycles to 50 cycles, the game crashes... Even when I reload the game just before the crash, hoping I can develop more over my base, it returns window and close the game...as if the game cannot support too much operations at the same time. It's not due to the limits of my CPU I think, as it uses only 30 % of CPU and 2go of ram (I have 8go RAM). I post my SAVE file, so you may see why it crashes, and the log and the dxdiag. Thanks Cancrelas.sav