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  1. Hi, If you build heavy wire at top of Airflow tile, hydrogen cant pass anymore. Screenshot attached.
  2. Got only 1 freeze since 234870, here is the save, check the sleeping area Dangerous Planet.sav
  3. same here random freezed dupe. Can't test further
  4. Hi, Here is a save where I can't place correclty a hydroponic farm rotated. There is 2 bloc difference between graphics and the actual farm. Thanks Settlement.sav
  5. Here is my save where 2 puft in a cave full of contaminated oxygen dont drop any slime. puft.sav
  6. I like to see my dupe's head stuck in tile ... Maybe you can add more, get their head stuck in floor when they fall too ?
  7. Hi, I have a freeze too before first dupe. Save and log included, lucky you. Tunnel Cycle 2.sav output_log.txt