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  1. Me and a friend was having this bug.
  2. Having this problem too.
  3. WHen picking up poop in town. The poop sound of the flies stay ever after you pick it up and walk away.
  4. [Game Update] - 247542

    ....the Character I play the most didn't get a winter skin......I don't understand why everyone didn't get a skin? Why?
  5. Can't change anything in Options!

    that worked thanks!
  6. When I go to change anything (controls, etc.) the options window just close. No matter what I do I've reinstalled the game. Did a clean uninstall. Nothing works.
  7. Klei: Release date for the next update is going to be on the 24th Also Klei: Lets release it on the 25th
  8. Any time I start up the game, try to go into a server, go into caves, or leave the server the game freezes up and I get (Not Responding). This happens with or without mods. On the Normal branch or beta. It happens no matter what I do. On friends or my own server, Dedicated too. After it freezes up I have to wait about 2 mins or a max of 5 minutes before it responds. I can miss a all game day trying to load into a server.
  9. dedi server crashes [New Reign]

    my post is from cryys logs
  10. dedi server crashes [New Reign]

    cryssToday at 7:34 AM: it's always just those two strings [00:34:59]: Stale Component Reference: GUID 112877, scripts/entityscript.lua:335 [00:34:59]: Stale Component Reference: GUID 112877, scripts/entityscript.lua:341 this is all the logs tell me about the crash
  11. dedi server crashes [New Reign]

    As of my last post the server crashed once again just now!
  12. dedi server crashes [New Reign]

    Server just crashed twice in the span of 14 minutes