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  1. well then ill do that as well. On my rig (with gtx1060)its smooth 60fps (only near bunch of tall grass it drop to 50). On my laptop only in sw and rog i have smooth 60fps. In Hamlet it barely get to 50 fps. (my laptop has gt555m)
  2. I have laptop(with gt555m) and computer(with gtx 1060). On computer both hamelt, sw, rog run smooth 60fps. On laptop im able to run only sw,rog on smooth 60fps. I can barely get 50 fps in hamlet even with fresh created world. I made profile with this command TheSim:ToggleFrameProfiler(). Attached them here. profile.json profile_001.json profile_003.json
  3. here's the secret. Edit: Also why hay fever affect my character often (when using gas mask), with nettle its different . Its so often that i must wear gas mask almost all the time. Is it normal?
  4. Why nettles doesnt grow in lush season?
  5. skyworthy, awsome with skyworthy yes
  6. What about missing pigs, tables from shops?
  7. I tried pick up MISSING NAME item from food shop, from fridge looking like shelf. See images below log.txt
  8. Pig disappeared from shop, cant buy anything. Tried hammer the shop but didnt work. Pig started running into corner, after while dropped guano(poop) and when i picked it the pig just disappeared. Pictures below show pig running to corner and other show shop without pig and impossibility to buy anything. EDIT: also noticed pig table is missing, might be the problem. Other users have similar problem aswell