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  1. Greetings ! It seems recently I got a problem with logging in the game. I get stuck on the logging in menu when I enter the game and it doesn't seem to to actually log or get a connection , I've followed all the steps from other topics and checked connections and firewall , nothing seems to work. I will attach the client_log.txt. client_log.txt
  2. Still doesn't work , the only solution is to delete the whole Klei folder , and that means my saves are gone : / How can I be sure that this won't happen again over time ?
  3. Every time i try to start DST i get this error , verifyed game files , reinstalled the game , still doesnt help , removed mods and etc.
  4. So when I create a new world and let's say my last one , everything was going well , И was around day 300 and all of a sudden when I wanted to log in again my server was not even existing ... Or in other situations it's gonna pop failed to start dedicated server warning ... I'm kind of curious what could be the sourse of these problems becаuse they are kind of letting me down on this game , like grinding for nothing at the end : ) ( I have pretty damn low storage at my Disk Drive :C , around 2 GB , only think i could think of ). Have reinstalled the game , that doesn't help as well.