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  1. Nevermind I'm an idiot. I downloaded 1.1.1 thinking it was the most up to date but didn't realize DST is Don't Starve Together. *facepalm*
  2. Any word on when a fix is coming out so we can play it? I can't even enable it to try to play it as the game won't let me.
  3. I read the readme and had a laugh. I'm a game programmer so I found a lot of humor in your "aggravated answers" to the annoying questions, just 'cause I know what that's like. Also I think having a kickass female character on the game for once is QUITE refreshing. I wouldn't make her male no matter what, even though I wouldn't mind a male counterpart for her (the game is Don't Starve yet I think the most worrying part is being alone for way too long in the game. Can't wait for Don't Starve Together though, that'll make things much better!). My only concern at the moment is that she's apparently out of date (according to the game's mod menu). Are you working on updating her (I doubt there's much to update just to keep her in line with the current version of the game) or planning to, or is there an update already and I haven't seen it? I have v. 1.5 from this page but would like to play as Wulfe as I've yet to find a female character I can truly enjoy (nearest being one or two of the default ones from the game but they're a little too... how should I put it... girly in the unnecessary aspects. example being Wigfrid. She's awesome but did it HAVE to be pointless pigtails?), so I really hope to find an update for this.. Don't want to push you though I'm sure you're already working on it. Keep up the great work!