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  1. ISSUE RESOLVED: Since it seems that I can't delete an issue after I post it, I'll just put a comment here. I figured out what the problem was! The pressure in the room that I had the bio distillers had reached its maximum capacity, and so it couldn't output any more water, thus the bio distillers stopped pumping. Once I relieved the pressure by digging an opening into their chamber, they started working again. I hope this is helpful for anyone else facing this issue.
  2. I've found that when playing the new Thermal Update beta, the bio distillers stop working after a few days. I believe what's happening is for some reason when the slime stored in the bio distiller gets too low, the bio distiller doesn't consider it enough to produce algae with. However, since the bio distiller technically is storing slime, the duplicants will not deliver slime to it anymore. Hence, the bio distiller stops pumping/producing algae even with all other necessary requirements. This is quite annoying since oxygen is obviously the hardest resource in the game to produce consistently. I attached a screenshot and my save file to this issue. We gon die.sav