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  1. Version 1.1


    A redditor requested a mod for those with color vision impairment, so they could better know when beefalo are in heat. Beefalo are critical to many gameplay strategies, and if you must disable the ruddy buffalo, then they cannot reproduce. I also added (optional) HUD features for color cues that fell squarely in the green/red/grey range that is difficult to see if you experience red or green weakness. If you are colorblind, experience a color vision impairment, or simply prefer not to rely on color queues, please give this mod a try. Compatibility INSTALL ONLY ONE VERSION OF THIS FILE. I have provided both the Beefalo+HUD file, as well as the Beefalo-Only file in case you already have a HUD mod or simply don't want the HUD options Mod has been tested by me with both Vanilla and RoG versions of the game Mod is not guaranteed to be compatible with other HUD Mods (altering the hud.tex file) Mod will not be compatible with other mods that alter the animations of beefalo in heat Features Does not change or remove any color information, only adds non-color cues Adds clearer non-color markings to the ruddy Beefalo Changes two of the HUD icons so you can differentiate the crafting statuses of items without relying on color cues Prototype - Have Ingredients (Was: Green Added: Unlock Icon) Prototype - Need Ingredients (Was: Red Added: Nothing, default lock icon) Can't Prototype - Need Science (Was: Grey Added: X Icon) Installation Instructions INSTALL ONLY ONE VERSION OF THIS FILE. I have provided both the HUD+Beefalo as well as the Beefalo-Only version of this file for your convenience. Install only one. If you change your mind about which one you want to install, disable and delete the one you installed before adding and enabling the other one. Unzip/Extract the file you have chosen to install to your mods folder under... Windows - Steam ( :\steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\mods ) Windows - Not Steam ( :\Program Files\Don't Starve ) Mac ( right click dontstarve_steam and click show package contents ) Feedback - Please let me know if... You experience technical difficulties with this mod You have questions about this mod You have a color vision impairment and this mod was not helpful to you You have a color vision impairment and this mod was helpful to you You have suggestions or requests to make the mod better
  2. Neat idea, I had hoped carpeted flooring would help with cold when I built it.