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  1. PLEASE HELP ME! When i click on Mods in game , the game crashed and in the middle of the screen says Steam workshop!!! i have this game in steam I TRIED SO MANY TIMES TO FIX THIS BUT IT IS SAME
  2. If text just doesn't do it for you, I present: "How to enable mods: the picture: the movie: the game". Well, maybe just the picture. And the game? This is what it looks like: Make it look like this: Download some mods. I don't think this has a good picture. You probably don't need one. Put the mods in this folder: Open the game, and it should have this for you to click on: You should know what to do there already. What mods work with Don't Starve Together? All mods on the Steam Workshop should work with DST. Keep in mind that Workshop support was just added on December 2, 2014, so some mods may be in a partially-updated state as modders figure out how they need to rewrite. List from when I was maintaining it: Does everyone need the mod (both host and clients)? It depends on the mod, but if you join a server with mods that you need as well, the Steam Workshop will automatically download and enable them for you (if the mods are on the Workshop). You don't have to worry about those mods sticking around when you don't want them-- they're only enabled while you're on that server! For mod developers, if your mod has custom items, characters, or world entities, you will need to configure it to get downloaded for clients. You do this by adding this to your modinfo.lua: --This lets clients know if they need to get the mod from the Steam Workshop to join the gameall_clients_require_mod = trueThere are probably many other types of mod changes that would also require this, but items, characters, and world entities are the main ones. UI mods should run fine regardless of whether you're a client or host, and mods that change gameplay numbers/hidden mechanics will most likely only need to run on the host. How can I update my mod for Don't Starve Together? Much of the game's code has changed, so almost every mod needs to be updated at least a little to work with Don't Starve Together. Since mod support is not official and the details of it may change, there's no guide to how to update or write a mod for Don't Starve Together. When mod support is more solid, I may write one. For now, you'll have to compare single-player versions of mods with ones that have been updated, or look at the game's code on your own to figure out how to update stuff (that's what I did).