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  1. Thanks @DarkXero and @DrSmugleaf for the help! I ended up getting it all working! Hopefully the last character I need to make I won't have anymore questions at that point. After that its just artwork.
  2. That's what I assumed and was about to check, but then I got distracted attempting to get a full moon checker working. (Pulling from Woodies) I tried to throw it into my day/night checker, but that didn't work so I ended up re-writing a few things.
  3. I actually came across that and was looking into it. I pulled the SGmooseplayer from it for the time being. However I believe on death its making a call to drop random items (Similar to that of regular mobs) So now I'm looking into this.
  4. I ended up getting something working, however when the player dies as Goose, they don't turn back into human/ghost and the game just crashes.
  5. In the end of things, thats fine. Its more so as a cosmetic thing thats for fun and thats also what I had working.
  6. Hey again! I decided to make a different topic. I'm trying to give my friend a "Hidden Perk" based on his username (Which contains the word Goose...) so I want to turn him into the Goose/Goose during full moons. I know how to do the night check/full moon check. However its the transforming part that is bothersome.I used to have it working, but I had like.. a stategraph? And a bunch of other stuff that I feel like was probably unneeded. The main goal is to just turn him into the Goose/Goose for the night, make him small, and thats really about it. Just something fun/silly. The small, speed, and so forth I can handle, its just the transforming part that I'm slightly confused on. Thanks in advance for all your help!
  7. Ah, that makes since. I'm only just getting started with modding in Don't Starve, so I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything. Thanks for that!
  8. Thanks for all of that! I'll definitely look into it a bit more. I knew what I was aiming for but just wasn't 100% sure on how to go about doing it. The way you proposed it makes it seem a lot better than the way I was doing it so thanks for that. However as for the the aura to make a character act as a science machine (Including for other players) I don't see how that works. Unless Prototyper.trees has something to do with that. As for the builder.science_bonus = 1, I knew about that and had that currently setup for the character.
  9. Hey everyone! New to the DST modding community. I'm trying to create a mod based off of me and my friends characters from another game, however the problem that I'm currently having is that I want to swap the Sanity gain during daytime/night time. As of right now I think I have things working semi-correctly but I'm not 100% sure on the matter. This is currently what it looks like. inst.components.sanity.custom_rate_fn= function(inst) local dapperness = 0 local lightval = inst.LightWatcher:GetLightValue() local day = TheWorld.state.isday and not TheWorld:HasTag("cave") if day then dapperness = TUNING.SANITY_NIGHT_DARK * 0.2 else local lowval = TUNING.SANITY_LOW_LIGHT if lightval <= lowval then dapperness = TUNING.SANITY_NIGHT_DARK dapperness = -1 * dapperness else dapperness = 0; end end return dapperness end It feels a bit off however. Throughout the day, Sanity drops to about 150-160 (From 200) and during the night it ends up back at around 170? I feel like in the winter nights this might be a bit too much. I was also hoping to make it so that during "Dusk" time no Sanity gain or decrees would happen, however that doesn't appear to work. Any help would be highly appreciated! ----- One other side note, I'm trying to also add an aura to another Character that gives +1 science to everyone around you in a radius (Similar to that of the Science machine) however I had no luck there either.