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  1. God, I’m such trash. Horrifically bad and ridiculously self-indulgent bedtime doodle incoming.
  2. Since forever? IDK. I have a problem in that I always feel torn between wanting to be as realistic as possible and wanting to have a really cool and elegant (not-necessarily-so-realistic) style. I see other artists with really interesting styles and I always feel like my art's just not as interesting in comparison. (Which honestly is in part my repetitive and unimpressive subject matter, but that's another can of worms entirely.)
  3. I tend to get frustrated with my style sometimes because I feel it's pretty bland and other people make me jealous with their beautiful styles. Tonight is one of those nights. :')
  4. Was doing some warm-up sketches and I ended up exploring Wolfgang at his different strength levels.
  5. First time watching the stream. Hope I did the DAWJ-Ball right with this monstrosity? LOL
  6. Thing is, I do still have the list itself copied down as a document file. It's just that I don't remember where I found the list (somewhere on Tumblr, but I don't remember the exact post) so I could give credit to the creator of said list.
  7. Thanks! And huh, I suppose it kinda does look like a rose. Glad it worked out like that, it never crossed my mind. LOL
  8. Hey, guys! Sorry for the huge absence, but y'all know how much life loves to get in the way of things. :') Let's try to get this ball rolling again!
  9. Alolan Charlie confirmed. This is the second time this thread I've had to make Alolan Exeggutor jokes. GDI
  10. Whenever I play Zoo Tycoon, I like to name my animals after my OTPs. This weekend, I found Albert and Bobbie encroaching into my name list. :B
  11. Is that what he's been doing? I honestly had no clue because all I can see is a bunch of broken images (which is irritating in its own right, of course, but I thought the reaction was a little strong for just that). Hopefully that little patch of drama is over and we can go back to our regularly scheduled dnak maymays. (Please don't leave, Cabbage… :c) TBH, it was starting to feel like I was suddenly over at Facepunch. :V
  12. First one to the Nightmare Throne gets a deditated wamborghini!
  13. Not mine, just found this on Tumblr. It's Alolan Exeggutor all over again.
  14. Such sass :3 Got these requests from Tumblr done if anybody cares to read them: Wes, 1. Willow, 1. Wendy (and Abigail), 1. Wes, 5 (With Wigfrid). Wendy, 5 (With Webber).
  15. Not necessarily art-related, but I've set up an ask meme for myself on Tumblr to help brainstorm ideas about the cast. I'll extend participation to you guys as well. Just post a number and a character. :> Five headcanons about their backstory. Five headcanons about their life on the island. Three headcanons about their personality. Six headcanons about their likes and dislikes (three each). Four headcanons about their relationship with another character (please specify the second character; they don’t have to be a couple).
  16. Sorry I haven't done any of the expression meme requests yet. I guess I just kinda wasn't feeling that one as much as I thought I was. ^^; Started taking requests for another meme, though. Somebody requested Willowson for C4.
  17. Sorry for the double post, but this reminded me of something I reblogged on Tumblr a while back... (Warning, it's a lot of pictures.)
  18. I'm very afraid for the potential applications of this one.
  19. As someone who's been spending most of their time since Christmas engrossed in Sun, I applaud you.
  20. Doodled a fluffy Webber because fluffy Webbers are my favorite Webbers.
  21. I know, but… What question specifically would they answer? Origins/motivations of Them? A lot of the lore is just so open-ended, or has just enough of an answer that it wouldn't be worth it to dedicate an entire video to… Which is unfortunate…