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  1. Here's another thing I want feedback on, also from the height chart: The Werebeaver is something you can actually take seriously now, y/n?
  2. Ah, okay! I was just kinda thrown off when you used the term "nipple" to describe it. I was looking all over and going, "What? Where's a nipple? There shouldn't be any nipples here!" LOL
  3. Just realized that I forgot to post this here: Small section from a height chart I'm working on, and I would like some feedback on my interpretation of DS's bed sheet ghosts. Because Abigail looks like she's wearing a jellyfish and while I personally really like how it looks, I'm not sure if it's too different or extravagant. Also Wendy is here because it just feels wrong to show Abigail without Wendy. :B
  4. I made another rough sketch based on in game stuff but I don't know if anything serious will come out of this one, at least not until the Wigfrid and Deerclops one is done. Volt Goats are super adorable and sweet and I want one~
  5. Wigfrid is the very definition of badass! Aw, thank you! <3
  6. Oops! Almost let my thread drop off the front page! Been having a bit of an art block lately, but I finally managed to make myself start working on something good. Have a WIP of Wigfrid reenacting in-game events and facing down Deerclops.
  7. I'm glad you like them all so much! Thanks! I just really enjoy taking fantasy and cartoons and trying to make them more realistic, otherwise I might not have ever questioned it either. And now I have started my stream! Come watch for a bit if you have the time! https://new.livestream.com/accounts/11021607/events/3632211
  8. Thank you. <3 Yay Tallbirds! Smetime within the next couple of hours, I'm going to start streaming either the Catcoon or Hound study sheet. Y'all can tell me if there's one sheet you would prefer to see over the other, and I'll post a link when I start.
  9. Finally decided to get an account and create an additional repository for some of my Don't Starve art (the other is my Tumblr). :> At this point, I've mostly just been sketching things at random to try and figure out how the DS world translates into my style. So much to draw, and so little time to do it! Here's some character sketches… (Everything is in spoilers both because the images are big, and because there are several of them.) A couple of studies on the behavior and biology of the creatures of DS… And a random doodle I did after getting the urge to play some Half-Life.