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  1. Sorry for double-posting, but look! I finally managed to draw half-decent Willowson!
  2. Glad you like it, and glad to be back! pssssst you should totally be like me and ship wes with wigfrid and then ship wilson with willow :y
  3. Been gone for a year, but now I'm back! I was originally just going to revive the old thread since I'm pretty sure necroing is fine in this section, but all of the image links in it are broken and super-embarrassing anyway, so I figured that I might as well start from scratch. I only have one quick sketch to show ATM, but hey. I've got something pretty cool planned. This is sort of a (admittedly self-indulgent) concept sketch for a part of said cool thing.
  4. My fear is that you haven't been featured yet because Klei doesn't want to encourage Willowson for whatever reason. I mean, I like to think that Wilson and Willow being together on pretty much all the DST art and promos means that there's something between them, but in all honestly it's probably just because they're the first two characters in unlock order and that's it (maybe DST even gives you Willow from the start in addition to Wilson. I have no idea because I get to wait until it's on Mac. :v).
  5. Thanks! That's good to know, I was worried that would be one of the worse-looking parts because he has such an unusual one. Maybe it is, IDK. I can't wait to be done with the body so I can do the clothes! I've never modeled clothes intended to work with physics before, so it'll be a new experience for me. :>
  6. That's the problem with posting basemesh WIPs, isn't it? Hahah. Hopefully his hair will be nice to me when I get around to doing it. :v Which should be kinda soon, since the only things left to model on his body are his hands (with some editing on his arms) and the inside of his mouth (which is always the hardest part to do IMO).
  7. Yeah, eyes are really hard to get right. In my experience though, they tend to look a lot less creepy once they're colored. EDIT: Added some basic color, rotated them in a bit, and closed the eyelids a little. Looks a lot better, I think. Also thinned out the lips an itty bit. Anything else?
  8. I started off with thinner lips, but they looked really weird. I'll see what I can do.
  9. Hey. Hey. Hey you guys. I'm doing a thing. I want some feedback on how this looks so far because I kinda like it and I kinda don’t. Maybe it’s just because there’s no hair yet. IDK. I did make a few small changes from the model sheet, so keep that in mind if you try to compare the two. This is actually the second version of the model. Started modeling one with my usual method and it looked like absolute crap so I started this one with a different method. Looks a whole lot better, but still not perfect.
  10. Hey, so I know this thread is about character origins but I think this is relevant too: The origin and dastardly plans of Them (with some Maxwell/Charlie backstory), and the "W phenomenon". (Wall of text inbound.) They then had a moment of realization: A man whose very name began with "nightmare" was the perfect container of the nightmare fuel They had so foolishly infected Themselves with. If They could transfer the nightmare fuel from Themselves to him, Their humanity could be restored. But obviously, one man was not enough to contain all of it. They would need many, many more (why all of the survivors' names begin with W, the "W phenomenon"). They knew that this man, with his knowledge of the other world, was the key to obtaining more "Nightmare Catchers" and his thirst for supernatural power gave Them leverage over him. They offered to make him Their "king" and grant him the power he so strongly desired. He accepted, and They conjured the Nightmare Throne to bind him to Them, rendering him more of a puppet to them than a king (although he still has some degree of free will). They give him the power to manipulate and reconstruct Their world (knowing that They have made it inhospitable and it would be pointless to return to being human with nothing to sustain Them) and instruct him on his task to collect Nightmare Catchers. At the same time, They see the woman with no nightmare in her name to be of no use as a Nightmare Catcher*. Maxwell refuses to let Them dispose of Charlie, however (because, y'know, love is even stronger than darkness so it can never be erased by Them :B). He convinces Them to place her in a sleep-like state while he rebuilds the world. He proceeds to create two entire levels above Their old world, and populates both of them with creatures and plants of his own design. When he deems it complete, he asks that they awaken her so that she may live in the world (he has even created a special place for her, perfectly safe and idyllic). They place her in the world, but turn on Their "deal" with him and infuse her with nightmare fuel, turning her into the Grue (largely done just to make sure that Maxwell realizes that he has no real power over Them). This obviously enrages Maxwell, but there is nothing he can do about it. They put him to work collecting Nightmare Catchers by making deals with them, offering to fulfill a desire in exchange for constructing their own portal to the Nightmare Realm (what I'm calling the DS world from now on). He places the Nightmare Catchers into the world and watches them struggle to survive as a way to pass the time (this entertains both him and Them). More and more Nightmare Catchers will be collected, until there are finally enough to contain the nightmare fuel that keeps Them from Their humanity. They will then transfer the nightmare fuel and destroy the Nightmare Catchers, eliminating the horrid substance from Their world and allowing Them to return to living as humans once more. *The difference between a Nightmare Catcher (someone whose name begins with W) and everyone else, is that Nightmare Catchers contain the nightmare fuel within them in a much more efficient manner. When someone like Charlie is infused with nightmare fuel, they become a Grue (the reason they do not become one of Them is because they are not of Their world; a Grue is similar to Them, but still different, almost like an opposing force to Them), a monster of the darkness. A Nightmare Catcher becomes like Maxwell: their appearance becomes more sinister and their personality becomes more evil, but they still look human. Nightmare Catchers are also subject to the will of Them while Grues are largely in control of themselves (while still fundamentally changed in personality by the nightmare fuel). The fact that Grues cannot be controlled by Them is the reason why there is only ever one; They don't want to be overthrown. They actually wouldn't have even turned her into a Grue in the first place if They had known she would not be under Their control. Totally open to input on this. Wrote it all out over the span of an hour, or so. Probably plenty of plot holes to be found, so feel free to point them out. (Same thing with the Willow backstory above, or any other ideas that I write!)
  11. Here, have a Willowson baby (girl) and some Wesfrid babies (girl in yellow, boy in blue). Because why not (and also because I do silly/stupid things when I’m sleepy). Anybody want to name them?
  12. I found a Woodie I drew but never got around to posting because it was back when I was trying to figure out how to draw the werebeaver and so I was furiously sketching that off to the side but then I drew the nice full body version on that other picture so I got rid of the werebeaver on this and now I can post it. Bleh.
  13. Hopefully I can get a special something out real soon. Aw, thank you! <3
  14. I think the reason Abigail is "haunting" Wendy is all connected to how she got in the DS world in the first place. I think that all of the survivors are chosen because they have a very deep desire that Maxwell can grant them, albeit in a twisted way. For Wendy, she was consumed by the desire to have her sister back, to play with her and just be in her presence (I think she feels incredibly vulnerable without Abigail because Abigail was protective of her). She then struck her deal with Maxwell, only to find that her sister is now a ghost; not quite what she had in mind (she expected that Abigail would either be brought back to life, or that she herself would be killed and sent to the afterlife to be with her).
  15. Personally, I think that Abigail died of some sickness and the Ophelia line is just a hint that Wendy was an avid reader/playgoer before DS. But that's just me.
  16. Darn, why can't we pick multiple characters for the poll? XD Put Wigfrid, but consider Woodie as having an unofficial vote because I love them both pretty close to equally. And here I'll repost the Willow backstory I wrote on the other thread in DS general that I didn't realize was dead (sorry about that!). Hers is the one I've thought most about, but I'll write backstories for the other characters later. Spoilered because it's big (and probably a bit too wordy, but I'm too lazy to do any editing now). :B
  17. Yeah, this one. It's always nice to find someone else who likes Wesfrid, it being as rare as it is. I'm currently trying to decide what I want Webber and Wendy's relationship to be. Could be just friends, or there could be a one-sided crush from Webber. I just can't pick.
  18. Sooo… What are the chances we could see another hurt Willow? o3o Also, just out of curiosity: Do you happen to like any other DS ships?
  19. Roughly doodling out ideas for Charlie. Coming up with a good design for Grue!Charlie was surprisingly difficult, though. It was hard to strike a balance between being creepy/monstrous and actually still looking like her (and also not looking ridiculous; tried several different designs with toothy Cheshire-grins and they all looked really stupid). It might change a bit when I do some full-body concepts.
  20. Alright. Maybe, just maybe, Wilson will now be somewhat consistent between drawings. Also, now I have what I need to do something fun. o3o >implying it’s not obvious what I’m going to try and do with it
  21. As I said on Tumblr: I need more sick and/or wounded survivors in my life because apparently I'm a cruel ***** to my favorite characters. :v
  22. This WIP is important because I ship Wesfrid and height differences are the best thing since sliced bread. :B
  23. I guess you could consider this concept art of sorts for Maxwell’s throne room because I like the idea that he has his own giant “chess board” of the current island that comes with magically-moving pawns representing the survivors. These in particular are concepts for Wilson’s piece. I wanted to go with this idea I had of animals topping the pieces since I thought it was pretty cool, but because most of the animals would be pretty obscure (like, who else besides me seriously thinks of a deer as Wilson’s animal? Nobody, at least not without an explanation as to why I chose it.) I’m relenting and going with the more obvious idea of objects (unless of course, I get a mass request for the animals instead). But now I’m trying to decide between which color of marble to use for them. So yeah. Gray marble or cream? (BTW Wilson is a deer because in my story idea I've been bouncing around, They decide that Wilson is Maxwell's rightful heir and call him their prince. And, y'know, deer are associated with royalty. :B)
  24. Another WIP from the height chart. I messed around with Wes and colored his face without makeup to see what it would look like. He is officially attractive in my book. Just sayin'. :B