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  1. So I've got a bunch of WIPs laying around, and I'm interested in doing a stream of one of them. Could be tomorrow, could be sometime next week. Which of them would you guys be most interested in seeing? (I promise I'll give warning about the stream at least a few hours in advance.)
  2. Mimes are smol fragile babies and should be handled with care. <3
  3. That looks awesome! I need moar scary werebeaver. MOAR. Yes! I say riding atop his head because she's just that awesome.
  4. Stream is live! Edit: Not live anymore. Thanks to everyone who watched! <3 This was the only thing that got finished. Larger picture is in progress.
  5. Alright, I'll see about doing that sometime. And also, I'm really excited to try out Twitch so I'll start up a stream in fifteen-thirty minutes. (Yeah, I know it's not the at-least-an-hour ahead of time warning I should be giving, but I tend to stream on a whim. Sorry about that.)
  6. Oh. Dang, I didn't know about that. Is there a better site for streaming? I know Twitch is a big thing. Edit: Well, I got a Twitch. Hopefully, this will work out better than Livestream. And I might actually game on this from time to time. Would anyone be even remotely interested in watching me fail at DS? :v
  7. Oh. Is… Is having an account necessary to view streams?
  8. Ended about an hour in, nobody showed. If anyone had any problems viewing the stream or whatever, please let me know! I'm trying to figure out why nobody ever comes to my streams. Anyway, I ended up drawing Wendy and Abigail.
  9. About 30 minutes ago, I started a DS sketch stream and completely forgot to let you guys know about it! No one from Tumblr's showed up so far, but maybe one of you guys has something you'd like to see? https://livestream.com/accounts/11021607/events/4767051
  10. Haha! That's great! Poor Willow won't be eating Thunderlizard tonight... But that brings attention back to the question of how players will catch them. Ranged weapons are the vanilla option, of course… What if Thunderlizards were drawn to charged lightning rods? If they're in the same area as one, then they could get mesmerized by it or maybe "feed" off of it until the power is drained. Another little idea I had is that if Thunderlizards are able to be captured alive and put in the inventory, they could periodically electrocute the player, stunning them and draining a small amount of health (maybe giving a small amount if playing as WX, with a possible equivalent sanity drain in exchange) unless the player maybe has some sort of new electricity-resistant gear. Call me dumb, but I don't understand what you're saying. Please explain? Edit: I can't figure out how to put new quotes in edited posts, but in reference to @LiptonPee's suggestion regarding hoarding: I could definitely see them hoarding doodads, but I'd swap nitre out for gold since it's known for conducting electricity.
  11. #6 is definitely my favorite, but I also really like #9. #5 is also cute. I see #6 as something that looks like it would move really slow (and normally does) but as soon as a player comes near it (or as soon as a player tries to attack it, at least), it bolts off. Or maybe whichever one you choose could actually move super-fast to the point where it almost teleports from place to place, so the player would definitely need some sort of trap or alternative method to capture it.
  12. Randomly sketched a pig tonight... And I also had this Deerclops sketch laying around...
  13. I’m very angry at myself for not paying more attention when searching for the Emoji Challenge sheet because apparently there’s one with more realistic expressions and I really wish I was using that one instead of this one. This face clearly wasn’t supposed to be legit sad crying but that’s what it turned into. Poor Webber… :C
  14. I guess it all really depends on what you believe happened after he got eaten. Did he manage to break his legs out so that he's wearing the spider like a living suit? Then yeah, he's covered. Did he only survive because some magical force (like Maxwell) literally fused him with the spider? Probably not covered. And that's the interpretation I go with, so… Originally I did draw him with a fluff-crotch that covered everything, but that idea just doesn't work for me anymore.
  15. Someone take my tablet away because I’m horrible. I was doing some sketches of Webber, and I decided that I can’t convince myself anymore that crotch fluff is enough to cover everything and so he’ll need to get ahold of some pants somehow once he starts living with other people. And then I just started imagining other survivors running into him for the first time and just being like, “Why is there a naked spider child running around the island?”
  16. Yay! Also had this little Chester concept laying around for a couple of days, so I just decided to put down some loose color and post it.
  17. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! … Hopefully I did good? :'D
  18. Is there perhaps another face you'd like to see? Someone's already asked about that one, and I'd like to use each face only once. Sorry.
  19. Is this for the Emoji Challenge? Because it if is, I need a face designation. :v Anon on Tumblr asked for Willow A3. Definitely an interesting face to attempt. :'D
  20. Thank you! Never had my art described as "posh" before, that's a new one. Probably at some point, because I also like to think of them that way. And I'd also like to mention that I'm doing the Emoji Challenge. Pick any DS character and any face, and leave a reply (or PM me here or on Tumblr, whatever).
  21. Ah, thank you both. That gives me a good starting idea.
  22. I mean, I know that he's a cook. I'm asking more for what his personality is like. I guess I'll just find out whenever the wiki updates with his quotes. :v (Thank you, though.) I can see it. I also know that Walani/WX-78 is rapidly gaining traction on Tumblr.
  23. Thank you! Now the thread can be neatened.
  24. Tasting the new meat. :v Oh, and can someone with SW tell me what Warly's personality is like? I know that Walani is super chill and lazy, but I have absolutely no idea about Warly. Thank you! <3